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Coming Q4 2018
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Coming Q4 2018

» The New Platform for Investor Relations, Communications and Compliance «

EQS COCKPIT bundles your tasks and manages your daily workflows in Investor Relations, Communications, and Compliance. Thanks to a range of automatization and digital intelligence, you can be more efficient and avoid manual mistakes. Automated reminders help you never forget deadlines. Analytics give you valuable feedback.

Coming in 2018 – The New EQS COCKPIT

The new EQS COCKPIT will be launched in Q4, offering an innovative user experience and helping you fulfill all MiFID II requirements. The new interface includes an enhanced CRM tool and a completely new investor targeting solution.

EQS COCKPIT Modules for Your Needs

EQS COCKPIT is designed on a modular basis to offer you a tailored solution. The modules have been developed based on nearly 20 years of industry experience.

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EQS Cockpit
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