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Salary and Benefits in Munich

A great working environment

Our beautiful office adds to a productive work environment. Our new HQ in Munich, a 5-minute walk from Central Station, is a real eye-catcher: cool design, modern furnishings, and a generous employee lounge. A great atmosphere to work in!

Be appreciated and rewarded

Your work is seen and valued. Recognition of your hard work is good for you, and us as a company. That’s why we encourage a “feedback” work culture, characterized by respect and appreciation.

Of course, your dedication should also be financially rewarding. Our attractive employee participation program, "MY EQS Share Plan", is stock-based and is a great perk for our employees. We offer numerous payment optimization modules such as job tickets, meal checks, and reimbursement of private internet costs, offering you the advantage of tax-free wage elements, meaning gross = net.

Relax in retirement

Retirement may be in the distant future. But, it’s never too early to think ahead. EQS helps you build your company retirement plan. An independent partner advises each employee individually and free of cost! 

Work hard, play hard

We think every season merits at least one good party! Be it our spring party, our summer party with families, team fun at Oktoberfest, or EQS’s holiday party - we know how to have a good time.

We prove our athletic capabilities at the Annual Company Run in Munich’s Olympic Park. For those who would rather participate in sports in a spectator capacity, we have SKY TV installed in our employee lounge, with Bundesliga and Champions League games a common highlight.

Think outside the box

Learning together, growing together, and getting better. That's part of our philosophy. Our weekly Bar Camp is an ideal venue for knowledge transfer and relaxing at the end of a day’s work. Every Wednesday, we meet in our lounge in order to inspire and motivate each other, where colleagues share ideas, talk about issues, and brainstorm.

Application process in Munich

What to expect once we’ve received your application:

  1. Reliable response
    We respond quickly to every application.
  2. Pragmatic Start
    A half-hour phone interview with HR gives you and us a first impression.
  3. Personal meeting
    The one-hour interview with department managers and HR gives us both the chance to assess a possible hiring.
  4. Trial day
    Try us! A work day (incl. lunch) with the whole team will inspire you.
  5. Signing
    If we’re a good fit, we like to organise contracts as quickly as possible.

Onboarding in Munich


An individual training plan gives you an overview of what to expect in your first few weeks at EQS. Internal workshops (and close assistance from your teammates) help you quickly integrate into the EQS team. A co-worker serves as mentor and helps you through each phase of entering the EQS family.

Gaining perspective

Through an introduction to each area in the company, you gain an understanding of how each of the departments work together. You’ll be introduced to our internal work processes.


We’ll never leave you in the dark, and hope you’ll reciprocate. After the first 3 months of your trial period, we’ll conduct an interview with you in which BOTH sides are given the opportunity give feedback and encourage transparency.

Your development in Munich

Moving forward together

What motivates you? Where do you want to go? You show us your potential and we’ll help you fully realise it. One element of that is through continual training.  

We offer our sales professionals the opportunity to become Certified Investor Relations Officers (CIRO), giving you a unique chance to deepen your expertise in Investor Relations, make important contacts and build a valuable network.

What ideas do you have? In what areas do you want to improve? Let's talk about it. We support you in developing your skills fully.

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