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Investors – Professional Investor Targeting in the EQS COCKPIT

Track your current investors and target potential investors with the new Investors module in EQS COCKPIT. Investors gives you access to our new investor database and supports independent investor targeting in light MiFID II.

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Investor Targeting Moves into Focus Under MiFID II

With the roll-out of MiFID II, investor targeting moves into focus of more and more investor relations managers. MiFID II obligates funds, asset managers, and other investment companies to separate costs of services related to the trading of securities from the costs of other securities-related services. For that reason, many companies are now assessing whether to allocate budgets for brokers, banks, and organized investor meetings, or whether to become more independent in their targeting activities and take on this responsibility directly.

For Proactive Investor Targeting

The Investors module facilitates better dialogue with existing and potential investors and proactive engagement:

  • Shareholders Structure

    The Investors module gives insight in your own shareholder structure.

  • Shareholder Evaluation

    Evaluate the quality and potential of investor contacts based on data.

  • Peer Groups

    Perform analysis on the investor structure of your peer groups to identify potential investors to target.

Best Investor Data on the Market

For the Investors module, we partner with FactSet, to provide you with the highest-quality investor data on the market. You get access to well-structured investor data and investor contact details, from parent companies, down to fund and individual contact levels. The data helps to become more independent of banks and brokers when it comes to corporate access.

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