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ECEC 2020

Replay | Panel Discussion: Whistleblowing in companies

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Frank Staelens | CEO and Founder, Confidential Reporting
Frank Staelens | CEO and Founder, Confidential Reporting

Frank has 30 years of working experience with whistleblower management. He is a subject matter expert on financial crime investigations, -technology and -regulatory compliance. As an independent consultant on whistleblowing management he performs gap analysis, provides process and platform implementation support and helps to prepare for certifications.

The confidential reporting network that he co-founded provides a fast-global access to back up service providers. Frank is a former big 4 forensic audit partner and the honorary President of the Belgian Institute for Fraud Auditors.

Guido De Clercq | Executive Director, Transparency International
Guido De Clercq | Executive Director, Transparency International

Guido De Clercq is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Royal Park Investments and Executive Director of the Belgian Chapter of Transparency International.

He has an extensive background in law, compliance, governance and international politics as well as litigation and private sector experience.

From 1993 till 2016 he held key positions in the legal department of the ENGIE Group as General Counsel and Deputy Secretary General. He was the “Trophée d’Or du Droit” Winner of the 2011 Golden Trophy “Best Law Department of an International Group” recognizing the Group General Counsel for his “management and entrepreneurial qualities”. He was also the Winner of the Gold Award “Best Law Department 2011: France” of the International General Counsels Awards 2011, recognizing “the excellence of the Laureate General Counsel for his performance on the long run”.

Before joining the ENGIE Group, hewas an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leuven, Belgium; a member of the Brussels bar and the Head of the International Legal Department of a telecom company.

He holds a bachelor degree in philosophy (cum laude) and a master degree in law (summa cum laude) of the University of Leuven, Belgium. He graduated, as a Fulbright Fellow, with a M.A.in International Affairs from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.. He obtained a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Leuven, Belgium and attended the General Management Programme CEDEP at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

He is admitted to the bar of Brussels and is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA). He is a honorary member of the Belgian Institute of Company Lawyers (IJE /IBJ). He was Senior Vice Chair of the Power Law Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA) and member of the Council of Senior International Attorneys of the Conference Board (USA).

Dr. Wim Vandekerckhove | Reader in Business Ethics, University of Greenwich
Dr. Wim Vandekerckhove | Reader in Business Ethics, University of Greenwich

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove holds a Phd in Applied Ethics from Ghent University. He is now Reader in Business Ethics at the University of Greenwich. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Oslo in 2007 (Centrefor Development and the Environment SUM), and a visiting fellow at Griffith University in 2020 (Centre for Governance and Public Policy).

His books include Whistleblowing and Organisational Social Responsibility (Ashgate/Routledge), and The Whistleblowing Guide: Speak-Up Arrangements, Challenges, and Best Practices(2019, Wiley, with Kate Kenny and Marianna Fotaki).

Wim has provided expertise on whistleblowing to various organisations, including Council of Europe, European Commission DG Justice, Transparency International, Public Concern at Work, Public Service sInternational, the Whistleblower Advice Centre in the Netherlands, the UK Department of Health, the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the British Standards Institute, the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA), theUNODC and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He is currently the convenor of a working group within the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO TC309/WG3), developing the international standard for whistleblowing arrangements.

Wim is also co-director of the Centre of Research on Employment and Work (CREW) at the University of Greenwich and is the editor-in-chief of Philosophy of Management (Springer).

Gilles Delarue | Group Compliance Officer, Rhenus Logistics
Gilles Delarue | Group Compliance Officer, Rhenus Logistics

Gilles Delarue is Managing Director of the International Holding of the Rhenus Group and steers Corporate Finance and Compliance at group level.

Gilles’ passion is implementing tailored solutions for family owned international Groups with a decentralized understanding of organizing the business.

Whether the focus is Finance or Compliance, Gilles’ responsibility is reconciling global concepts with a local focus in over 50 countries. Gilles graduated in 1998 from the University of Düsseldorf with a degree in Finance.

Wendy Addison | Founder and CEO, SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd.
Wendy Addison | Founder and CEO, SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd.

Standing up for the values that support her principles Wendy attempted to report malfeasance, committed by the joint CEOs, internally but was met with purposeful obfuscation. Demonstrating courage and a willingness to endure the danger of being exposed, Wendy took a moral stand against bribery and corruption and blew the whistle externally. Her whistleblowing case is now recognised as ‘South Africa’s Enron’, the biggest corporate scandal in South Africa’s history.

Wendy’s story is a human story of courage and endurance, of hope and justice. It covers many valuable teaching moments, including the psychological conflict of Speaking Up, the challenge for leaders to Listen Up, the importance of intra group dynamics and the long term emotional pain of shame and regret for those who feel disempowered to act.

Wendy founded SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd, a storytelling consultancy and training company in 2012 which provides training, lectures and talks to move people towards Courageous Conversations.

Additionally, Wendy is a lecturer at Surrey University and Warwick Business School, is a contributing member of the UNCAC Coalition, the Corruption Research Group of the Surrey University and sits on the advisory board of the Whistleblowing Research Unit which runs the International Whistleblowing Research Network at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.

About the ECEC Conference

The European Compliance and Ethics Conference (ECEC) brings together thousands of compliance and ethics professionals from all over Europe to share and discuss best practice as well as current trends and challenges in the ethics and compliance world.

Speakers include representatives from leading companies and organisations such as Transparency International, FIFA, KPMG, Thales, Rhenus, Ethintegrity and compliance experts such as Prof. Christian Strenger, Klaus Moosmayer, Frank Staelens, Christian Hunt and many more.

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