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Why join the EQS Compliance HUB?

  • Centralized Knowledge: Gain access to a wealth of compliance information all in one place. Say goodbye to scattered resources and hello to a centralized hub that simplifies your research.
  • Expert Insights: Our platform brings together industry-leading compliance experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to share their invaluable knowledge and experiences. Stay up to date with the latest compliance trends, best practices, and strategies.
  • Flexible Access: No matter where you are or what time zone you’re in, the EQS Compliance HUB is available 24/7. Access the platform from any device, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive discussions, webinars, and workshops with like-minded compliance professionals. Collaborate, network, and exchange ideas to enhance your compliance skills and broaden your professional network.



What can you expect from the EQS Compliance HUB?

  • In-depth Resources: Explore a vast library of whitepapers, e-books, case studies, and articles covering a wide range of compliance topics, including regulatory updates, risk management, data privacy, whistleblowing, and more.
  • Engaging Webinars: Participate in live webinars conducted by compliance experts. Dive deep into specific compliance challenges, gain practical insights, and have your burning questions answered in real-time.
  • Community Networking: Connect with a global community of compliance professionals. Join forums, seek advice, and collaborate with peers who understand the challenges you face.


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Humanizing Rules: The Role of Policy Management in Compliance
June 8th, 2023 11am CEST

Join us for an eye-opening exploration of the critical connection between policy management and compliance. During this MASTERCLASS, renowned industry expert Christian Hunt will delve into the importance of humanizing risk within organizations.

Gain insights into how policies and compliance frameworks can be designed to align with human behavior and decision-making processes. Understand how embracing the human element can enhance compliance culture and effectiveness within your organization.



The “Spark Interest Method”: How to Write Compliance e-mails That Get Read
July 4th, 2023 11am CEST

Join us for an immersive and interactive session where you’ll have the unique chance to directly apply Bettina Palazzos‘s highly effective “Spark Interest Method.” Through a dedicated MASTERCLASS, we’ll guide you step-by-step in real-time, helping you enhance your compliance email subject lines to captivate your audience and infuse them with a sense of excitement.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to learn from the best. Share one of your recent compliance email subject lines and witness the transformation as we apply the “Spark Interest Method” together!


Christian Hunt
Christian Hunt

Founder | Human Risk

Christian is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioural Science led Consulting and Training Firm, specialising in the fields of Risk, Compliance, Conduct and Ethics. He was formerly a Managing Director at UBS where he was Head of Behavioural Science (BeSci), a role created specifically for him, following his innovative deployment of BeSci within the Risk function. Christian joined the Firm in Compliance and Operational Risk Control (C&ORC), leading C&ORC globally for UBS Asset Management and for the EMEA region of the Firm as a whole.

Bettina Palazzo
Bettina Palazzo

Ethics Expert | Palazzo Ethics Advisory

Dr. Bettina Palazzo has been researching, teaching and consulting on business ethics for over 25 years. As a pioneer in this field, she helped establish the business ethics consultancy at KPMG Germany in the 1990s. Since then, she has been supporting companies and non-profit organizations that want to address the culture and leadership dimension of ethics & compliance.


Who is eligible to participate in the HUB?

The HUB welcomes anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of compliance. It is free and open to individuals from all backgrounds, including employees, managers, and employers from organizations of any size or sector.

How do I sign up for the HUB?

Signing up for the HUB is simple and free of charge. Just fill out the form located at the top of the page to register. Once registered, you will gain access to a wide range of materials, including video lectures and comprehensive resources.

Can I access past MASTERCLASSES if I register after they have taken place?

Absolutely! By registering, you will have access to all previous MASTERCLASSES that have already been uploaded to the platform. You won’t miss out on any valuable content.

How can I watch previous MASTERCLASSES?

To watch past MASTERCLASSES, simply log in to the HUB platform and navigate to the MASTERCLASS tab. There, you will find all the recorded sessions, allowing you to explore the topics at your convenience.

Will I receive a certification for attending the MASTERCLASSES?

We can provide a proof of attendance via email upon request.

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