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In today’s corporate world, whistleblowing is key to maintaining ethical standards and transparency. This webinar will highlight its importance and show how it affects company culture.

Our experts will walk you through the legal aspects of whistleblowing, covering key laws and international guidelines. You’ll learn the best practices for protecting whistleblowers and ensuring their anonymity while fostering a culture of openness and trust.

We’ll provide a detailed guide on conducting investigations, from initiating them to collecting and analyzing evidence. Real-world examples will help you understand common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Register now to safeguard your organization’s reputation and uphold the highest ethical standards.

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Arnt Olav
Arnt Olav

Lawyer and Partner | BDO

Arnt Olav has over 15 years of experience in investigation, whistleblowing, and compliance, including positions as a police prosecutor at the Asker and Bærum Police District, a lawyer at BDO Compliance & Investigation, Head of Compliance for Bisnode, and Director of Investigation at Telenor ASA. Throughout his career, Arnt Olav has gained experience in leading and conducting compliance and investigation assignments both within and outside of Norway’s borders.

Jonas Strisland
Jonas Strisland

Senior Associate | BDO

Jonas is the deputy leader of BDO’s whistleblowing team and assists with receiving, processing, and following up on reports from BDO’s private and public clients. Jonas is responsible for service development and client follow-up.

Thorbjørn Nielsen
Thorbjørn Nielsen

Country Lead Nordics | EQS Group

With 20 years in Cloud Enterprise Software, Thorbjørn brings a wealth of experience. He’s managed implementations, driven sales, and led pre-sales efforts. His hands-on approach and deep knowledge ensure you’ll gain practical insights and real-world solutions.