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Companies and organizations are increasingly required to keep track of more laws and regulations – both nationally and internationally. A best practice approach to maintaining an overview in a company is the implementation of a Compliance Management System – CMS.

Depending on the size or industry, companies are at very different stages in the implementation of a Legal & Compliance department or a full-fledged Compliance Management System.

Together with our partner Forvis Mazars, we will show you in this webinar which key questions you need to ask yourself to implement a healthy CMS in your company or which optimizations in your existing CMS will increase effectiveness.

In the first part of the webinar, we will show you best practice approaches on how a CMS can be implemented in accordance with recognized standards (e.g. PS 980, Economie Suisse recommendation, ISO standard 37301) and introduce you to the Compliance HEALTHCHECK, which our partner Forvis Mazars has developed and freshly launched. In the second part, we will show you how digitization and automation of processes in your CMS can help increase its effectiveness.


  • Best Practice Approaches: Implementing a CMS
  • Introduction to Forvis Mazars’ Compliance HEALTHCHECK
  • Optimizing your CMS through digitization & automation
  • Live Q&A session with our experts Daniel Spicher & Sascha Misteli
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Daniel Spicher
Daniel Spicher

Executive Director, Forvis Mazars in Switzerland

Daniel Spicher is Executive Director at Forvis Mazars and specialized in internal and regulatory investigations. He also advises companies on the development and expansion of compliance management systems. Daniel Spicher is an Attorney-at-law, LL.M. and holds an Executive MBA from the University of Fribourg. He is responsible for the Forvis Mazars Whistleblowing Solution and the Forvis Mazars partnership with EQS Group.

Sascha Misteli
Sascha Misteli

Senior Account Executive, EQS Group

Sascha Misteli is the sales contact at EQS Group for Swiss prospects, customers and partners. He advises companies on a daily basis on how they can digitize and optimize their compliance program.

Sandro Reimprecht
Sandro Reimprecht

Marketing Manager Switzerland, EQS Group

As Marketing Manager, Sandro is responsible for the marketing activities in the DACH region of the leading provider of compliance software, EQS Group.

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