Webinar | How to Design an Effective Speak Up Programme

Never before have whistleblowing procedures played such a critical role in effective compliance programmes and good corporate governance. Recent corporate failings and regulatory initiatives both in the UK and across Europe have forced professionals responsible for internal whistleblowing to keep up with best practices while also looking forward at emerging opportunities and challenges.

In this webinar, we examine whistleblowing procedures in organisations based on a comprehensive study of whistleblowing procedures at 1,400 companies across Europe including 400 British Companies. This research was conducted by the Chur University of Applied Sciences (HTW Chur) in partnership with EQS Group. Our panel of experts will discuss the issues covered in the report, share best practices based on their experiences and look ahead to the future of whistleblowing and the legal framework that governs it.

Recording: October 9, 2019 | Duration: 1 hour

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Attend to learn about:

  • How your arrangements compare with peers
  • What’s often missing in procedures and processes
  • How to protect employees against retaliation
  • Regulatory changes in the pipeline in the UK (APPG Whistleblowing, EU Directive)


Francesca West
Francesca West

CEO – Protect (formerly PCAW) | Francesca is the Chief Executive of Protect, Francesca joined Protect in May 2007 as an advisor and has extensive experience advising whistleblowers. Francesca has also supported, via Protect’s training and consultancy services, a wide range of organisations from small charities to multi-national companies. Francesca has also held posts as Legal Officer, Director of Policy and Deputy CEO. Francesca is currently a Trustee of the Whistleblowing International Network. Francesca was called to the Bar in 2005 and cross-qualified as a solicitor in 2011. She has an LLM in Human Rights and Public Law and a BA in Law and Politics. Prior to joining Protect Francesca worked in a variety of compliance teams in the financial services sector, from boutique investment banks to large retail banks. Francesca also worked in Trinidad and Tobago for the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies carrying out capital case work on behalf of the London Panel of Solicitors and is a ratified experienced employment representative at the Free Representation Unit.

Gerald Chifamba
Gerald Chifamba

Compliance Services, Business Development – EQS Group | Gerald assists international companies with ethics and compliance management systems, particularly whistleblowing and policy management. Prior to joining EQS, he worked in FinTech for a challenger stockbroker in growth marketing. He is a board member for one of the largest youth homelessness charities in London.


Viviane Joynes
Viviane Joynes

Managing Director – EQS Group | Viviane is Managing Director of EQS Group’s UK Business. She has extensive experience of advising UK and European companies on their corporate governance, compliance and IR practices. Prior to joining EQS her roles included heading up the IR Services at Capita Asset Services (now Link Asset Services) and being Managing Partner of a corporate governance and communications consultancy.

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