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Why EQS? – Building and Becoming a Global Player

We set big goals. Our vision is to be the leading European cloud provider for global investor relations and corporate compliance solutions by 2025.


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Our purpose – trust through transparency

We believe that radical transparency creates the most important type of corporate capital: trust.

As pioneers in creating digital corporate solutions, we have the experience in helping teams build this critical capital.

It’s our true passion to make Investor Relations, Communications, and Corporate Compliance Officers better by understanding their daily needs and empowering them with best-in-class tools.

Our Team – The key to success

Building a great team is a key success factor. We focus on hiring the best people and on supporting them in achieving the best performance possible. When working with people, our strategy is based on 3 pillars:




With these 3 pillars in mind, we create a mix of job-based and people-based processes to improve our processes, skills, and learning:

We look for skilled individuals with team spirit and passion.

We never stop looking for distinct and unique competencies. With our teams, we act quickly and on a global scale to guarantee a consistent knowledge sharing everywhere and with everyone.

When working with our teams, we offer transparency on the decisions that we make through our “fact-based” approach. We seek to constantly strengthen our relationships with employees by building up trust, communicating well and utilizing a continuous feedback process

To foster growth, we put our best team members on the biggest opportunities - not on the biggest problems.

Why EQS Group?

Team spirit forged by transparency and trust

From day 1, we work hard to make team members feel welcome and ensure that they identify with their work. We encourage our employees to take ownership of what they do and embrace successes, but also failures – this means mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities, but in the end, they are part of improving day by day.

Sustainability in innovation

At EQS, we are interested in long-term innovation. We use modern technology to provide award-winning innovative solutions that go one step further than simply solving existing problems. Our commitment to innovation is what makes us succeed year after year, and what keeps our clients coming back for more.

Making the jump from a niche european market to a major global player

As a part of the EQS team, you have the opportunity to make history. Few European technology companies can confidently say that they are number one in their field -- EQS is currently one of them, and the success story is far from over.


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