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Integrity Line – the best-in-class whistleblowing system

Identify and address risk at an early stage. Improve processes. Add value.

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EQS Integrity Line - The Digital Whistleblowing System

EU Whistleblower Protection

EU agrees on rules to protect whistleblowers. Find out how to prepare your company now



  • Intuitive

    With multiple intuitive reporting channels, we make it easy to submit a report.

  • Secure

    We take security seriously at EQS Group. We have measures in place to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organisation.

  • Best-in-Class

    Unrivalled case management. All cases are managed in one location where you can investigate, communicate and report. Save time and streamline collaboration.

  • Scalable

    Big or small. Simple or complex. EQS Integrity Line is flexible and adapts to your organisation’s policies and procedures, emerging best practice and regulatory changes.

  • Experience

    Creating a speak up culture is not easy. We use our expertise and experience to help you implement the processes and embed the culture.

Encourage a speak up culture

  • Employees can confidentially report concerns by telephone, email or online – from anywhere in the world
  • Customise the reporting process for each reporting channel to meet the legal requirements and cultural norms of each office
  • Use drop-off statistics to identify why reports aren’t being submitted and make relevant changes

Streamline your investigation workflows

  • Full visibility of your employee concerns with all reports from the webform and telephone hotlines, manual entry, open-door and, emails in one place
  • Two-way audited communication allows you to gather further information if necessary – for multinational companies, languages are no longer an issue
  • Don’t let cases slip through the net with clever reminders, required actions and alerts
  • Granular permissions make collaborative working easy
  • Enrich your wider GRC programme with valuable insights and analytics.

Keep your data secure!

We pride ourselves in exceeding the data security requirements of our clients.

We innovate!

We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients. We look for ideas and seek feedback to keep enhancing your experience.

Security features

Meets the international security standards (ISO 27001)
Supports two-factor authentication
Encryption of data in transit and at rest

The right whistleblowing solution for your organisation


Ideal for small organisations requiring a simple and effective whistleblowing system. We can have your reporting channels and case management up and running within a week.

Best Practice

Suited to multinationals requiring several languages and a sophisticated case management system.

Best in Class

Perfect for multinationals with large teams requiring the most extensive case management capabilities and a high level of configuration.


You're in good company

Whistleblowing Report 2019

Whistleblowing Report 2019

The Whistleblowing Report 2019 allows you to benchmark your whistleblowing arrangements against companies across the UK and Europe.


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