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Insider list management – efficiently fulfil MAR requirements

The EQS Insider Manager allows you to fulfil insider obligations according to Article 18 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) securely, easily, and reliably.

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Insider list management is more important than ever

The aim of the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) is to create uniform transparency and investor protection laws in the capital markets of EU member states.  

Issuers and those acting on their behalf (i.e. law firms) are required to maintain insider lists. The lists, which are continuously updated, must include all individuals who temporarily or permanently have access to inside information. Additionally, insiders must be informed of their obligations. 

The benefits over Excel are enormous. The solution is faster, easier and more reliable. We know for sure that the people have received the notifications. Sending emails via a platform is not only more efficient, but also brings us closer to meeting Schneider Electric Group's goal of digitizing our processes!

Delphine Gieux
Secretary to the Board of Directors, Schneider Electric

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EQS Insider Manager simplifies your work

  • Cloud-based

    Our platform is internet-based and therefore workplace-independent. This gives you the flexibility and security you need to manage your insider lists at any time, from any place. Using a private, secure cloud, you benefit from the highest security standards.

  • Project creation

    Insider Manager allows you to set up your projects according to MAR (deal specific / event-based), as well as to include individuals who temporarily or permanently have access to inside information. You can assign insiders to individual projects with just a few clicks.

  • Simple platform

    Our solution offers a variety of intuitive sorting and filtering options for your data, enabling you to easily respond to information requests from regulatory authorities.

  • GDPR compliant

    The EQS Insider Manager enables you to manage your insiders' data in a GDPR-compliant way. Insider data is kept up-to-date by the insiders, which is in turn encrypted, in motion and at rest.

    Furthermore, EQS Insider Manager provides a privacy notice, which has been carefully drafted by our data protection experts, and comprises insider rights and data protection officer details.

Automated workflows for communication with insiders

The Insider Manager contains all required forms and templates to allow you to inform your company’s insiders of their MAR obligations.

  1. Insider instructions are delivered via a personalised cover letter that is generated automatically by the system.  
  2. Insiders receive a confirmation link in their instruction e-mail which re-directs them to a secure, personalised online site where they can acknowledge their obligations. 
  3. One click confirms and recognises insider obligations – it’s easy. The date and time of the confirmation is then documented within the Insider Manager using timestamps. 
  4. Additional forms allow insiders to complete, edit and update their personal data. This is then automatically updated in the Insider Manager system.

Highest security for your insider lists

Our IT processes and IT infrastructure are certified and audited annually, giving you the security to work in a protected area with the highest security standards. All data is stored on high-availability servers in the data centre of the Bayerische Landesbank in Munich, Germany. Our use of RSA SecurID technology ensures that only approved parties can access our systems via best-in-class two-factor authentication

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