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Transparency and communication with investors has never been so important. EQS Audio Webcasting helps you communicate proactively and provide more information to stay relevant to existing and potential investors and stakeholders.

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An integral part of every IR strategy

Webcasts provide an additional channel to communicate with the investment community and your stakeholders. With EQS Audio Webcast, your presentations are streamed to a broader audience anywhere in the world. With the addition of a telephone conference, your audience can also participate actively in your event and ask questions. 

Webcasting not only demonstrates a proactive IR strategy, but also improves engagement with investors

Benefits for your stakeholders

  • Synchronised slides

    Presentation slides are synchronised with the audio signal. This gives participants access to the live presentation.

  • Easy access

    The EQS Audio Webcast software is embedded within your browser and is compatible with all browsers and devices, including mobile devices. Participants can access the event without installing any additional software, thus increasing access.

  • Participation

    Similar to on-site events, your attendees can ask you questions. To assist with Q&A, an additional phone line is managed by an operator.

  • Live or on demand

    Participants can access your presentation live or watch the recorded version on demand, meaning the presentation can be watched at any time.

See an Audio Webcast in action

Rocket Internet uses the EQS Audio Webcast platform for analyst conferences.

See an EQS Audio Webcast

EQS Webcast software functions

Presentation slide management

In the Audio Webcast presenter interface, you can easily navigate through your presentation slides. All attendees will see your slides synchronised on their screens

Q&A management

Our Q&A module allows participants to ask questions via the platform. In the presenter interface, you can manage incoming questions.

Attendee list

Post-event, you will receive a list with the information of all event attendees.

Multi-language support

The webcast software can coordinate multiple language versions of the presentation and audio stream for the best user experience. 

Document download

Additional information and documentation can be offered as a download within the presentation.

Access control

For non-public events, you can generate access codes to ensure that only accredited participants have access to the presentation.


If desired, a professional operator will moderate your conference. That way, you can focus on your presentation.


Reasons to use EQS Audio Webcast software

  1. Our player does not use Flash and works seamlessly on all browsers and devices. Attendees don’t need to install any software, guaranteeing access in even the strictest firewall environments. 
  2. Our player can be customised to integrate the look and feel of your corporate branding. 
  3. Using responsive design, the webcast display is automatically adapted to your screen size - from small, mobile-optimised screens, to full HD displays. 
  4. The platform’s use of an integrated landline audio signal ensures higher reliability and superior sound quality compared to voice-over-IP solutions.  
  5. We create a digital webcast archive to host past events on your company’s website. 
  6. Our experienced team has worked on over 2,000 webcasts since 2002.

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