EQS Video Webcast – Real Insights Into Your Company

Transparency and communication with investors has never been more important. With an EQS Video Webcast, you can broadcast important corporate events, providing stakeholders with valuable insight into management and the company.

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Best-in-Class Investor Communications

Our EQS Video Webcast software broadcasts important events to your stakeholders, helping you reach a broad yet targeted audience via live video streaming. The ability to view the webcast on demand further increases your potential audience, meaning that investors never miss important financial news. Video Webcasting can significantly enhance events like shareholders' meetings, Annual General Meetings, analyst & press conferences, and Capital Markets Days.

More Information for Your Stakeholders

  • Synchronized Slides

    Presentation slides are synchronized to the audio signal. This gives participants the experience of a “live” presentation and allows them to visually follow highlights and the investment story.

  • Easy Access

    The EQS Video Webcast software is embedded within your browser and is compatible with all browsers and devices, including mobile devices. Participants can access the event without installing any additional software, thus increasing access.

  • Interactive Participation

    Like in an on-site event, your attendees can ask questions. An additional phone line is managed by an operator to facilitate your Q&A.

  • Live or On Demand

    Participants can access your presentation live or watch the recorded version on demand, meaning the presentation can be watched at any time.

See a Video Webcast in Action

Allianz SE uses EQS Video Webcasting for its Annual General Meeting. 


How to Manage a Video Webcast with EQS

Test Run

We test our technology thoroughly before your event to ensure that the live stream of your event is delivered with excellent visual and sound quality.

AV Team

A team of professionals will film your event, manage the video and audio signal, and then stream it to the internet.

Q&A Management

Our Q&A module allows participants to ask questions via the platform. In the presenter interface, you can manage incoming questions.

Attendee List

Post-event, you will receive a list with the information of all event attendees.


Reasons to Use EQS Video Webcast Technology

  1. Our player does not use Flash and works seamlessly on all browsers and devices. Attendees don’t have to install any software, guaranteeing access in even the strictest firewall environments. 
  2. Our player can be customized to integrate the look and feel of your corporate branding.
  3. We provide high-quality video and audio signals, as well as high-speed streaming.
  4. We create a digital webcast archive to host past events on your company’s website.

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