EQS COCKPIT Modules for Your Needs

The EQS COCKPIT is the world‘s first platform that brings together and coordinates investor data, contacts, disclosure obligations, and news distribution in one tool. 

Thanks to the unique integration of various modules, you create unprecedented added value for your IR and Compliance work.

The Integrated IR Platform

Using the new EQS COCKPIT, you can take the most important investor relations responsibilities into your own hands:

With the Investors module, you identify existing and potential investors. Your contacts can be transferred into the CRM module, to manage them in one central location and to create contact lists. Mailings and newsletters can be created using the Mailing module. With the Newswire module, you distribute your messages to financial platforms, databases, and media. Finally, the Disclosure module ensures that you fulfill complex disclosure obligations.

Workflows for Your Compliance

The EQS COCKPIT offers access to powerful compliance modules. The Insider Manager contains all required forms and workflows to manage insider lists according to the European Market Abuse Regulation. Integrity Line is a digital whistleblowing system that contains an anonymous reporting channel and collaborative case management capabilities, allowing you to establish an early warning system for potential areas of risk.

More compliance modules will be added to the EQS COCKPIT in 2019

Advantages of the EQS COCKPIT

  • Convenient 24/7 access with no software installation required.
  • Simple input methods and automated workflows.
  • Data sovereignty: All data remains in one platform.
  • Security in a certified IT infrastructure with two-factor identification.
  • Budget efficiencies when compared to using multiple vendors.

More Than 2,200 Listed Companies Trust the EQS COCKPIT

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