CRM – Contact Management Software for Investor Relations and Communications

The CRM module is a contact management tool specifically tailored for the needs of Investor Relations Officers and Communications Managers. CRM is part of the new EQS COCKPIT.


Efficient Contact Management at Your Fingertips

Whether you are handling information regarding investors, analysts, journalists, or other stakeholders, your contacts are one of the most important assets of your company. Managing these contacts, while also retaining the highest levels of security, is crucial. Unlike other client-focused CRM tools on the market, the EQS CRM module is designed specifically for Investor Relations and Communications professionals and their daily workflows.

Functions Designed to Easily Manage Contacts

Manage the information of your contacts, log contact notes, input outstanding tasks, attach documents, and track conversations.

Create custom contact lists and use them to send out notifications, mailings, disclosure obligations, and company news.

Import and export your existing contact lists from/to Microsoft Excel. 

Registration forms on your IR website allow contacts to automatically add themselves to the CRM.

Search for contacts based on custom criteria.

All CRM functionalities allow GDPR-compliant contact management.

Seamless Integration with the EQS COCKPIT

The EQS CRM is seamlessly integrated into the EQS COCKPIT. It is also connected with other EQS COCKPIT modules to ensure you get the highest level of workflow efficiency.

  • Broaden your newswire reach by sending releases to your personal contacts with one click.
  • Set up individual mailings to address individuals pre-created contact lists (e.g. analysts, media).
  • Target new investors and assign them to your CRM.

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