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Mailing – Easy, Professional Mailings using the EQS COCKPIT

Create mailings and newsletters for your contacts using the Mailing module in the EQS COCKPIT. Leverage simplified communications workflows with custom templates and contact integration.


Functionalities Designed to Create Great Communications

  • Personalization

    Mailings include personalized salutations in several languages. Salutations are handled in the CRM module.

  • Drag & Drop Editor

    Our drag & drop editor makes setting up mailings simple and intuitive. For recurring communications, create custom templates for easy use.

  • Mobile Optimization

    Thanks to responsive formatting, sent emails are optimized for display on mobile devices.

  • Analytics

    Dynamic analytics and statistics help you measure the success of your mailings and communications.

Seamless Integration with the CRM Module

The Mailing module is seamlessly integrated with the EQS COCKPIT's CRM module, allowing streamlined communication workflows:

  • Manage contact details in a GDRP-compliant way.
  • Create contact lists for your communication activities.
  • Offer website forms for automatic subscription to mailings.

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Wesley Chisholm

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