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Digital Reports – Make Your Reports an Interactive Experience

There are many ways to enhance your annual or sustainability reports by adding interactive features. Innovative, digitally-formatted content encourages higher viewership and engagement from your stakeholders.

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Digital Report Functionalities

With digital reports, you can provide stakeholders with significant added value. Digital report functions include, but are not limited to:

Landing Pages

With custom-designed landing pages, you can highlight the most important chapters of your report. Teasers give an overview and guide the user to highlighted content. 

Landing Pages

Video Integration

Video content can be highlighted in this digital format and can provide authentic insights on subject matter. For example, many companies integrate a video interview with their CEO.

Video Integration

Visual Content

Display annual report graphics and visual content in the most professional manner and interactively tell your company story.

Visual Content

Key Financials Analyzer

Showcase your most important financial figures and data. Users can analyze these figures, compare them across different time periods, and then easily export them to XLS, PDF, and PNG. More information about EQS Quick Analyzer.

Key Financials Analyzer

HTML Tables

Tables can often be difficult to read on a screen. EQS Group uses HTML formatting with added mouse-over effects to make it easier for the reader to review data.

HTML Tables

Animated Figures and Graphics

Display key financial figures using animation to highlight these numbers.

EQS Digital Reports Animated Graphics

Navigation and Search Tools

Our simple and intuitive navigation structure for reports allows all users to find the information they seek with ease. 

Navigation and Search Tools


Users can download individually-selected parts of the report, XLS tables, and additional information (e.g. graphics) in a provided Download Center.


Best Performance on All Screens

By using responsive design and top web development technologies, we ensure your report can be optimally viewed on any screen size. All our reports are free of outdated Flash technology and can be viewed on any browser and device. 

Tailored to Your Needs

We offer solutions to meet your requirements. Whether a full HTML report, an efficient HTML-to-PDF version, or a small one-page report – we have the best digital formatting options for your deadlines and budget.

Best-in-class solution:


Full HTML Report

  • Your print report is transformed to a full HTML website 
  • Highest degree of customization 

Most efficient solution:


HTML-to-PDF Report

  • Framework for a digital report, which can also be converted to a printable PDF 
  • Digital-first approach perfect for companies focusing on digital investor relations and who may only need smaller batches of print copies 

Simplest solution:



  • Digitally highlights the most important parts of your report 
  • One-pager format offers sleek visual content with convenient access to your PDF report

Award-Winning Experience

Our reports gain international recognition every year in design competitions. In 2018, we were proudly awarded: 


  • 1 x Platinum

  • 8 x Gold

  • 5 x Silver

  • 8 x Gold

  • 1 x Silver

  • 1 x Bronze

  • 3 x Honors

Digital Report Advantages

EQS formatting of digital Annual or Sustainability reports is state-of-the-art. Companies benefit from many advantages when choosing digital report formats:  


  • More options to visualize content

  • Easier to navigate for inexperienced users

  • Larger reach via internet

  • Reduction of copy costs compared to print

  • Support sustainability with reduced printing of physical reports

See Examples of Our Digital Reports

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