Webinar | Why your compliance programme isn’t engaging employees – and how to fix it

Engaging employees on compliance topics is challenging. This is particularly true when the compliance department is seen as out of touch, irrelevant, ‘the police’, cumbersome and not adding value.In this knowledge-packed webinar, we share how to reimagine compliance in your organisation to build greater engagement and be seen to enhance your organisation’s performance, reputation, value – and commercial success.

Recording: February 18, 2020 | Duration: 1 hour

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During this practical webinar we’ll provide answers and ideas on:

  • How to assess the status quo and develop an engagement plan
  • Building strategic allies and prioritising
  • Creating an employee-friendly compliance hub
  • Innovative ideas to improve compliance understanding and engagement
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your efforts


Nichole Pitts
Nichole Pitts

CEO & Founder – Ethintegrity
Nichole is the Founder & CEO of Ethintegrity, a boutique consulting firm focusing on an #EthicsFirst approach to ethics and compliance using innovative techniques to help companies drive awareness and implementation of sustainable compliance programs which results in an ethical culture being embedded into the company’s DNA and the compliance program being viewed as a competitive advantage.

Prior to founding Ethintegrity, Nichole was the Vice President – Compliance & Ethics at Louis Berger. Her long-standing career as a senior leader and head of compliance for an international business along with her experience with successfully navigating a company through a 3 year Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) give her a unique understanding of the challenges facing compliance departments and organizations when it comes to implementing an effective ethical culture and program which leads to real results.

Moritz Homann
Moritz Homann

Managing Director Corporate Compliance – EQS Group
Moritz Homann is responsible for the department of Compliance products at EQS Group. In this function, he oversees the strategic development of digital workflow solutions tailored to meet the needs of Compliance Officers around the world. He is also trained as a Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO).


Viviane Joynes
Viviane Joynes

Managing Director – EQS Group | Viviane is Managing Director of EQS Group’s UK Business. She has extensive experience of advising UK and European companies on their corporate governance, compliance and IR practices. Prior to joining EQS her roles included heading up the IR Services at Capita Asset Services (now Link Asset Services) and being Managing Partner of a corporate governance and communications consultancy.

About EQS Group

Established in 2000 and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, EQS Group provides intuitive digital compliance solutions that help you comply with regulations and meet best practice.

Whether you need to manage insider lists or gifts and hospitality, store and effectively communicate your policies, address conflicts of interest or misconduct and minimise risk, we can help. Our goal is to equip Compliance Professionals with the power of simple workflows, automated processes, advanced analytics, and simplified reporting to make their job easier. In addition to its compliance product suite, EQS Group provides investor relations digital solutions.

Today the group employs more than 550 professionals and has offices in the world’s key financial markets.