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Fair play: why PUMA opted for a digital whistleblowing channel

PUMA successfully implemented a digital whistleblowing hotline in 2018. Read about the benefits this new channel offers over a telephone hotline.

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Openness, honesty and lawful conduct are traits which carry great weight at PUMA. To encourage and promote a culture of fair play among employees, the German sporting goods manufacturer decided to explicitly include whistleblowing in its own Code of Ethics.

PUMA employees had for some time been able to report violations of corporate principles via a group-wide telephone hotline and email address. However, in mid 2018, the PUMA compliance team decided to question their existing approach to whistleblowing and examine whether a telephone hotline was still the right fit for their company.

PUMA’s criteria for a new whistleblowing hotline

Three elements were important for PUMA when it came to choosing the right whistleblowing hotline:

  1. International – The whistleblowing channel should be accessible to all international locations.
  2. User-friendly – The whistleblowing hotline should be easy to use both for employees wanting to report wrongdoings and case managers responsible for case processing.
  3. Suited to the target audience – In a company like PUMA which employs mostly young people, a whistleblowing hotline should fit the communication habits of the workforce and support electronic messaging.

A state-of-the-art digital whistleblowing hotline

In addition to the above criteria, PUMA also took feedback from colleagues in other international companies and experience with the telephone hotline into account when making their decision. For the compliance team led by Raliza Koleva, it soon became clear that a digital whistleblowing hotline was the best solution for dealing with reports in a modern and practical way. The PUMA SpeakUp! platform was born.

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Find out more about the PUMA SpeakUp! platform in our case study

Our free case study about the PUMA SpeakUp! platform offers deeper insight into decision-making, implementation and internal communication around the new digital whistleblowing hotline. The case study also includes an interview with Kristina Schmieg (Senior Manager Compliance at PUMA SE).

Download the free case study


Foto Credit: Robert Ascroft/ PUMA

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