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Webinar | AI & Compliance: Introduction to AI & Compliance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword over the last few years. Artificial intelligence in the business world can be described as “computers behaving intelligently”. Compliance interacts with AI in a variety of ways.

In our global webinar, we will address the interaction between AI and compliance, as well as the general question of “What exactly is artificial intelligence?”.


Introduction to AI & Compliance

Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Duration: 60 minutes (45 min presentation + 15 min Q&A)


In everyday life there are many examples of artificial intelligence. For example, we have Alexa and Siri that can listen to voices, translate them into language they understand, and are then able to carry out instructions. Google Translate is able to translate sentences from one language to another. Artificial intelligence is being used in our personal and professional lives. In this introduction, we explore these areas in more detail and provide an up-to-date overview of AI.

Compliance interacts with artificial intelligence in a variety of ways. We cover:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • Examples of AI
  • Building & using an AI system
  • Where does Compliance interact with AI?
  • Key take away

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This webinar is hosted by:


Afke Schouten
Afke Schouten

Founder – AI Bridge

Afke Schouten studied mathematics and econometrics and management science. As management consultant, analytics translator and senior data scientist, she has led various AI projects and set up AI organizations in international and Swiss companies, she is founder of AI Bridge and is the director of studies for AI Management and AI Operations at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences. She teaches her students the ins and outs of AI – what it is(n’t), the different applications and how to build and run an organization that generates true business value with AI.

Christoph Jörg
Christoph Jörg

Data Privacy Officer & Senior Compliance Manager – BKW Energie AG

Christoph is the responsible Data Privacy Officer (DPO) at BKW Energie AG and acts in addition as a Compliance Manager throughout the BKW Group including HQs as well as a strongly growing and highly flexible network of more than 220 legal entities all over Europe. Currently he acts as a translator and transformer to stakeholders in digital business while covering regulatory and IT specific aspects in person to enable Compliance.


Viviane Joynes
Viviane Joynes

Managing Director UK – EQS Group

Viviane is Managing Director of EQS Group’s UK Business. She has extensive experience of advising UK and European companies on their corporate governance, compliance and IR practices. Prior to joining EQS her roles included heading up the IR Services at Capita Asset Services (now Link Asset Services) and being Managing Partner of a corporate governance and communications consultancy.

About AI Bridge

AI Bridge was founded in the summer of 2020 with the mission to bridge the gap between the business and data science world. AI Bridge delivers Corporate Training, Keynote Speeches, Lunch & Learns, Consulting and Executive Coaching in the area of artificial intelligence in business. AI Bridge is the main partner in Switzerland of GoDataDriven, a Dutch company that has delivered success with data and AI too many international organizations. AI Bridge stands for thought leadership and the unique in depth understanding of both business and data science.

About EQS Group

Established in 2000 and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, EQS Group provides intuitive digital compliance solutions that help you comply with regulations and meet best practice.

Whether you need to manage insider lists or gifts and hospitality, store and effectively communicate your policies, address conflicts of interest or misconduct and minimise risk, we can help. Our goal is to equip Compliance Professionals with the power of simple workflows, automated processes, advanced analytics, and simplified reporting to make their job easier. In addition to its compliance product suite, EQS Group provides investor relations digital solutions.

Today the group employs more than 500 professionals and has offices in the world’s key financial markets.