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EQS COCKPIT Modules for Your Needs

The EQS COCKPIT is a software platform that is tailored to your daily workflow in Investor Relations, Communications, and Compliance. It is designed on a modular basis to offer you a tailored solution for your workflow requirements. Choose the modules that you need to make your work better:

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Full Control of Your Workflows

EQS COCKPIT bundles your tasks and manages your daily investor relations, communications and compliance workflows. Intelligent automation of workflows helps reduce the risk associated with manual processes and automated reminders ensure you never forget deadlines. Analytics also provide valuable feedback.


Securely Fulfill Your Regulatory Requirements

The EQS COCKPIT modules have been developed with legal expertise to ensure you fulfill all relevant national and international regulatory requirements.

Secure access

Benefit from the Cloud

The EQS COCKPIT is a cloud-based platform. You can access it easily via your web browser. Using this, you have 24/7 access to your workflows from any place in the world. This gives you the highest degree of flexibility.

With the EQS COCKPIT, you can work in a secure, encrypted environment. The modules and IT infrastructure of the EQS COCKPIT are certified and audited annually to ensure the highest levels of security. All data is stored on high-availability servers in the data center of the Bayerische Landesbank in Munich, Germany. Our use of RSA SecurID technology ensures that only approved parties can access our systems via best-in-class two-factor authentication.

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More Than 8.000 Companies Trust EQS COCKPIT

EQS COCKPIT will be relaunched at the end of 2018, offering an innovative user experience and helping you fulfill latest MiFID II requirements. The new interface includes an enhanced CRM tool and a completely new investor targeting solution.

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