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Digital Agency Solutions for Your B2B Website

The corporate website is the heart of your communications. Our in-house agency effectively implements leading B2B communication strategies for the web.

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Reasons to Create Your B2B Website with EQS Group

  • Specialization in B2B Projects

    We have a passion for complex B2B business models, successfully positioning them using digital communication strategies.

  • Service-Oriented

    We develop long-term strategies with you and our consulting team is always on hand to help and advise.


    Our flexible structures make it possible to implement projects of various sizes.

  • Both "International" and "Local"

    With offices around the world, we advise you locally but use the power and experience of our global operations.

  • Extensive capital markets experience

    We are the only provider that can provide seamless integration of investor relations content on your website.

Benefit From More Than 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1996 as a digital agency in Munich, we have witnessed the evolution of web technology through this exciting time. In 2011, we became part of EQS Group. Today, we work as an in-house agency, supporting both our clients and our colleagues in creating the newest web trends.


Some of our B2B website projects

Contact Our Corporate Website Experts

Felix Weiss

Felix Weiss

Director, Sales Investor Relations Switzerland
+41 41 52001-45

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