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INTEGRITY LINE – The Efficient Digital Whistleblowing System

Protected reporting systems are establishing themselves as best practice around the world. Companies benefit from being able to identify and address risks at an early stage. Our modular solution, INTEGRITY LINE, enables you to elevate your compliance system to a new level and provides efficient risk management. 



High Functionality

Simple and intuitive processes for reporters and case managers. With responsive design technology, you can easily access the system from any device. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Efficient risk monitoring and comprehensive reporting for your workflows.


INTEGRITY LINE is a GDPR-compliant data protection solution. Data is stored in ISO 27001-certified high security data centers. 

International Rollout

Multilingual and integrated data-protection-compliant translation functions for international clients. 

Turnkey Solution

The reporting system is ready for use and implementation with minimal effort. 

Case Management

Manage and process reports in a secure place using innovative workflow features. 

Experienced Consulting

If required, our Consulting team can advise and support you in matters of data protection and on how to effectively introduce a reporting system to your company. 

Regulations for Whistleblowing Are Growing

The number of regulations to protect whistleblowers, and therefore encourage fraud reporting, are increasing globally. A protected whistleblowing system allows employees, customers, and business partners to report violations of legal regulations within a company anonymously, safely, and unbureaucratically. 

Not only can you meet international best practice reporting system requirements, but you can establish a highly-effective early warning system in your company for potential areas of risk. The early detection of risk can help avoid reputational damage, potential sanctions, and regulatory fines. 

Situation in Switzerland 

Formalized internal reporting procedures for the reporting of incidents of misconduct are classified as a "sensible organizational procedure" within the Swiss Criminal Code, Article 102. Having these policies in place can also offer a mitigating impact on potential legal decisions should they arise (a form of "Compliance Defense"). The Swiss associations “SwissHoldings” and “economiesuisse” recommend the introduction of web-based whistleblower systems in their paper "Principles of Effective Compliance Management". This is due to the fact that web-based platforms offer potential reporters ease of access, provide internal teams with better data management, and improve overall workflow processes. 

The Right Whistleblowing Product for Your Requirements


The Basic solution for companies who require a simple, protected (anonymous) reporting channel.

INTEGRITY Best Practice 

The Best Practice solution for companies that require multilingual, collaborative case management. 

INTEGRITY Best in Class 

The premium solution for companies that focus on a high level of customization and maximum security features. 

  • Reporting process with anonymous two-way communications 
  • Case management 
  • Reporting & monitoring 
  • System Customization 
  • Advanced security settings 
  • Data protection consulting & policy templates 
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Close to 10 Years of Experience

We have worked with whistleblowing solutions since 2009, becoming a pioneer in the industry. Here are a few of the companies that trust INTEGRITY LINE: 

Turnkey Solution – Request a Complimentary Demo

Our reporting systems are ready for use and implementation with minimal efforts. Request a complimentary demo and learn how to manage whistleblower reporting efficiently. 

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