Webinar | Best practices on managing and investigating whistleblowing/speak-up reports

Date: Thursday, 17th June
Duration: 60 Minutes (45 minutes webinar presentation + 15 minutes Q&A session)

With the new EU Whistleblowing Directive coming into force this year, it is expected that Corporate Organisations will face a growing number of Ethics reports from all employees. Those reports should be carefully dealt with upon receipt, as recommended by the EU Directive and it is paramount to timely and efficiently address them with the appropriate response components:

  • Communication with the whistleblower
  • Internal investigations
  • A response team
  • A supporting tool and platform…


Jean-Jacques Quang, Director at Ethicaline, a Compliance & Investigations firm and Claudio Interdonato, Business Director at EQS Group; will go through the Do’s and Dont’s of an effective investigation triggered by a Whistleblower.

During this practical webinar, our expert panel will provide their thoughts and answers on:

  • How to analyse and manage incoming reports
  • Investigation best practices
  • Example/practical case – step-by-step process of how to verify reports and conduct an investigation.



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Jean-Jacques Quang
Jean-Jacques Quang

Associate Director, Ethicaline

With 20 years of experience blending operational roles and consulting services, Jean-Jacques brings extensive experience in Investigations covering fraud, forensic accounting and corruption investigations.
Recently, Jean-Jacques was in charge of developing Compliance & Investigations at Duff & Phelps | Kroll. Prior to that, Jean-Jacques was Director of Forensic & Investigations for CMA-CGM, where h was in charge of managing Speak-Up reporting line and investigating all allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing worldwide.

Jean-Jacques also presents a strong exposure to emerging countries in Africa and Asia, where he has developed expertise in handling complex and multi-jurisdictional investigative cases, in the full spectrum of fraud, bribery and corruption matters.
Jean-Jacques started his career with operational responsibilities such as a CFO role, then Internal Audit functions in various industries.


Claudio Interdonato
Claudio Interdonato

Business Director France & Spain, EQS Group

Claudio Interdonato is responsible for the Business Development & Partnering support for the South Europe region and leads the Spanish Market. Claudio has 25+years of experience on Strategic Management, Compliance, Corporate Governance, Business Development and IT & Technology Management. Before joining EQS Group, Claudio held Executive and Managing positions in Got Ethics, WhistleB, Ryan-Kay Consulting, Olympus Biotech International & BBraun Aesculap. Claudio has an extensive international experience, he is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

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