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DGAP is part of the EQS Newswire

DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ad-hoc Publizität) was founded in 1996 by Deutsche Boerse, Reuters, and vwd to offer a regulatory news service for disclosure obligations of listed companies. In 2005, DGAP was acquired by EQS Group. The DGAP service that was, amongst other things, known for its ad-hoc publications, became part of the EQS Newswire.

EQS Newsroom | EQS Group

EQS Newsroom in Munich

Today, more than 90% of listed companies in Germany use our newswire service to fulfill their disclosure obligations. It is also fully integrated into the EQS IR COCKPIT, offering companies an easy and intuitive way to handle these regulations.

To learn more about the EQS Newswire service, click here.

All news distributed via this service is visible at www.dgap.de.