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About EQS

Digitally Master Investor Relations and Compliance Requirements with EQS Group

As a listed company with more than 400 employees in 11 countries, we understand the requirements of being publicly traded. Founded in Munich in 2000, we were pioneers in understanding the potential of digitally facilitating reporting obligations and disclosure requirements for stakeholders.


    Today, we are a leading international technology provider for Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and Compliance. More than 8,000 companies worldwide use our offerings to fulfill complex national and international disclosure obligations, to minimize risk, and to reach stakeholders.

    Our business is based on three trends:

    • Digitization

    • Regulation

    • Globalization

    Taking Advantage of Digital Possibilities

    Digitisation continues to progress. Our customers from all over the world are looking for efficient, integrated communications solutions that cover all the publication, disclosure, and documentation requirements, while also enabling active communication with global investors and other stakeholders.

    When we started in 2000, the internet was in its early stages. Even then, we realized that working digitally and using a secure cloud environment was the future. That’s why our workflow software, EQS COCKPIT, has been cloud-based from day one.

    Now, we’re taking another step forward. After two years of intensive development, we will be launching the new EQS COCKPIT, a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that addresses publication, disclosure, and documentation requirements through integrated workflows.

    We're At Home in Regulated Markets

    A sharp increase in regulations has resulted in stricter guidelines for capital markets and companies. As a stock-listed company, we understand the needs and target audiences of our clients. By working actively with professional associations in the most important financial markets, and through close cooperation with domestic and international financial institutions, we are always informed on the newest trends and developments.

    The EQS COCKPIT allows the fulfilment of regulatory requirements within one platform, making the process of disclosure as simple as possible. Thanks to the EQS COCKPIT’s intuitive workflow design, reminders, and various intelligence tools, clients can comfortably deal with regulations andrely on close to 20 years of our industry expertise.

    On-Site in the Most Important Capital Markets

    To fully understand and serve our client’s needs and to remain abreast of varying local requirements, we have more than 400 team members around the world, allowing us to be on-site for our clients and present in the biggest capital markets. We are the undisputed market leader for digital investor relations in the German-speaking market (DACH). Today, all DAX30 companies use the EQS COCKPIT. Our subsidiary in Moscow is also a market leader in Russia.

    To serve the European market, we have subsidiaries in London, Paris, and Zurich, as well as sales representatives in Italy, Spain, the Benelux Union, and Scandinavia. Our global investor and media network is supported by our key pillars in New York City and Hong Kong.

    Our international and multicultural teams work closely together to make sure that we best serve our clients with our global know-how and great technology, which is developed in our two technology centers located in Munich, Germany and Kochi, India. At the end of the day, we act locally but think globally.