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EQS Policy Manager - The Route to Effective Policy Management

Ensuring the right staff see the right policies at the right time can often be a difficult and frustrating task. EQS Policy Manager, our policy management software, increases the efficiency, impact and cost-effectiveness of your policy management process while helping you to mitigate risk.

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EQS Policy Manager: The Policy Management Software

Your Benefits of the EQS Policy Management Software

  • Create and send out new and updated policies to large numbers at the touch of a button thanks to a user-friendly interface
  • Save time with automated workflows which remove the need for manual and time consuming tasks – our fully automated system does it for you so you can focus on the work that matters
  • Take full advantage of a multi-user platform: manage access rights by creating customised roles and domains

  • Demonstrate robust policy management processes in line with established compliance standards such as ISO 19600
  • Foster a compliance culture and reduce risk by educating employees and creating a company-wide centralised policy library which offers round-the-clock access to all the policies and procedures
  • Reduce company liability by keeping auditable records of policy communications and certifications

  • Provide meaningful insights to your policy management thanks to real-time dashboard & reporting
  • Track the distribution and adoption of your policies with a single point of reference 
  • Create customised reports using smart filters and export data

Make Policy Management Easy

Everything at a Glance

Everything at a Glance

EQS Policy Manager is the one single reference point for all policy activity in your company. It’s easy to create, store and effectively communicate all your policies to employees, giving you peace of mind. Through an intuitive dashboard and reporting tools you can deliver meaningful insights to your management.

Managing Different Policies Made Easy

Managing Different Policies Made Easy

Which guidelines have been rolled out and to which business units? Which languages are they available in and which previous versions exist? The digital policy library provides a simple overview:

  • Store policies centrally and in a digital format rather than scattered across different locations
  • Easily upload new policies as a file (Word, PDF) or HTML and in the languages of your choice
  • Organise policies by category and tags

Seamless Policy Communication to Your Desired Audience

Seamless Policy Communication to Your Desired Audience

Creating and distributing your Code of Conduct, guidelines and procedures to employees is simple using EQS Policy Manager.

  • Import your employee data in Excel format, build your desired audience using filters or automatically synch up with your existing HR system
  • Distribute policies and similar documents via the platform with email notification to the recipient
  • Set up campaigns to automatically provide new employees with all relevant documents
  • Set up automatic email reminders to increase employee engagement and adoption
  • Remove paperwork with electronic adoption and signing

All Kpis at a Glance Thanks to Comprehensive Reporting

All Kpis at a Glance Thanks to Comprehensive Reporting

EQS Policy Manager provides you with the key information on policy adoption rates:

  • The dashboard includes statistics on pending policy adoptions, distribution rate, employee feedback, and more
  • Filter metrics by country, business unit, period and category. See and export the reports that matter to you
  • Easily export all charts as image files for use in board presentations

Audit-Proof System in a Secure Cloud Environment

Audit-Proof System in a Secure Cloud Environment

Demonstrate to regulators and auditors that your organisation has robust processes in place, including audit-proof documentation of all policies, including deliveries and adoptions. 

  • Set up temporary access for external auditors or authorities
  • Access all versions of your policies and other documents in a few clicks thanks to the full audit trail functionality
  • Keep a record of all policy deliveries and adoptions in one place
  • Rely on our secure platform hosted on ISO 27001 certified servers in the European Union

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Highest Security for Your Policy Management

Our IT processes and IT infrastructure are ISO-certified and audited annually, giving you the security to work in a protected area with the highest security standards. All data is stored on the high-availability servers in the data center of the Bayerische Landesbank in Munich, Germany. 

Our use of RSA SecurID technology ensures that only approved parties can access our systems via best-in-class two-factor authentication.

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