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With more than 4.5 million visitors and 174 million page impressions per month, is the financial and stock exchange portal with the highest reach and fastest growth in Germany (AGOF tested).

Your message appears in the prominently positioned box "Investoren News", which is located on the right side of the homepage. Up to three messages can be highlighted simultaneously in this box.

One-click booking in EQS COCKPIT.

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Your message is guaranteed to appear 24 hours on the homepage.

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Your news will be displayed 24 hours on the homepage. The release can then be accessed separately for another 12 months in the "Investoren News" section. Plus: Notifications from listed companies are highlighted one day on the company detail pages.

The " Investors News" can be booked exclusively via EQS COCKPIT. The EQS COCKPIT provides access to one of the most important financial wewswire, which distributes more than 20,000 financial and corporate announcements annually.

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