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EQS Integrity Line – The Efficient Digital Whistleblowing System

Protected reporting systems are establishing themselves as best practice around the world. Companies benefit from being able to identify and address risks at an early stage. Our modular solutions, EQS Integrity Line, enables you to elevate your compliance system to a new level and provide efficient risk management.

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Benefits of EQS Integrity Line


EQS Integrity Line is easy to use and intuitive for both the whistleblower and the case manager. The system is available to the whistleblower in more than 50 languages. The system can alsobe accessed on any device,including mobile phones.


EQS Integrity Line prevents any technical user identification.


EQS Integrity Line is available in more than 50 languages, which helps the whistleblower feel comfortable reporting. Incoming reports can be translated by a certified office without leaving the secure system.


The system’s encrypted, anonymous two-way communication channel can be used to interact with the whistleblower. It also allows the case manager to ask follow-up questions to incoming reports without the whistleblower losing anonymity.


Incoming reports can be managed centrally in EQS Integrity Line. It contains a variety of case management features, such as report classification or case manager assignment. Pre-defined authorization levels ensure that internal investigations can be carried out in the system.


You can easily review incoming reports  and generate reports for internal or external reporting.


EQS Integrity Line complies with data protection according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data is stored in ISO 27001 certified high security data centers. The anonymization feature in case management further facilitates compliance with data protection requirements.

Regulations for Whistleblowing Are Growing

The number of regulations to protect whistleblowers, and therefore encourage fraud reporting, are increasing globally. A protected whistleblowing system allows employees, customers, and business partners to report violations of legal regulations within a company anonymously, safely, and unbureaucratically.

Not only can you meet international best practice reporting system requirements, but you can establish a highly-effective early warning system in your company for potential areas of risk. The early detection of risk can help avoid reputational damage, potential sanctions, and regulatory fines.

The Right Whistleblowing Solution for Your Business



The solution for small and medium-sized companies who are looking to install a secure (and anonymous) reporting channel. Easy to implement and easy on the budget.

Best Practice


The solution for companies that need advanced features such as multilingual reporting processes and comprehensive case management for multiple users.



The solution for large corporations who require highly customized features and maximum security.

About 10 Years of Experience

We have been developing whistleblower systems since 2009, making us a pioneer in this industry. Here are some companies that rely on our digital whistleblowing solution.

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