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Cultures of integrity are integral for the long-term success of and the voices of employees are some of the most impactful there are. Global organizations must be intentional about effectively establishing strong speak-up cultures and factor in cultural differences to do so. In this session, speakers will share effective strategies to cultivate speak-up cultures, address the fear of retaliation, discuss what companies can do to create a safe environment for employees to raise their concerns, and how the voice of the employees can provide valuable information on the culture of the organization.


Key learnings

  • Strong speak-up cultures in global organizations and what defines them
  • Effectives strategies and initiatives to foster strong speak-up cultures amid cultural differences
  • How to combat the fear of retaliation and create a safe environment for employees to speak up
  • Measuring culture: how to measure and track the effectiveness of a speak-up culture initiatives
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Bill Burtis
Bill Burtis

Chief Compliance Officer, VP and Deputy General Counsel | Juniper Networks

Creative and tech-savvy Chief Compliance Officer with a track record of transforming compliance programs into strategic assets. Recognized as the 2023 CCO of the Year by Compliance Week, I lead with positivity and effectiveness, earning the moniker “Ted Lasso of Compliance.” My passion lies in building high-performance teams, fostering compliance cultures, and driving innovation. With a deep understanding of legal issues and cross-cultural diversity, I thrive in dynamic legal and business environments.

Ashley Dubriwny
Ashley Dubriwny

Ethics & Compliance Director, North America & Micronesia | The Nature Conservancy

Ashley Dubriwny is the Director of Ethics & Compliance for North America and Micronesia at the Nature Conservancy. Her areas of professional focus include global communications, Code of Conduct, Protecting Against Sexual Harassment, and partnership building with staff and leaders. Ashley is a High Impact Conversations Coach and has 20+ years of human resources experience with specialized training in performance management, content creation, and leadership coaching and development. She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum Design and Adult Instruction and  graduate certificates in Leadership and HR Transformation from Cornell.

Penny Milner-Smyth
Penny Milner-Smyth

Director | Ethicalways

Director at Ethicalways, providing advisory and training services to organisations seeking to promote a culture of workplace integrity and achieve ethics-related legal compliance, specialising in Southern Africa region. MA Research Psychology, Master HR Practitioner (SABPP). Principal author of the Specialist Certificate in Anti-Corruption offered by International Compliance Association. International speaker and content writer specialising in behavioural ethics and anti-corruption compliance. Delegates from 90 countries registered for ICA webinars delivered by Penny in 2019. Independent non-executive member of Board Ethics Committees. Certified Ethics Trainer for the SABPP.

Marco Goldberg
Marco Goldberg

Managing Director North America | EQS Group

Marco Goldberg leads the North America business of EQS Group as the Managing Director. As an experienced Compliance professional, Marco has helped companies ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to SMEs implement effective global compliance programs. His expertise ranges from implementing successful global Speak Up programs to policy management, conflict of interest, approval management, as well as risk management. Marco has lead the expansion of EQS Group in North America since 2016 and is located in New York City. With a background in Capital Market Compliance, he holds a Master degree in International Management from the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Steinbeis, Berlin.