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Whistleblower reports, approval processes or policy management – as a compliance manager, you are confronted with various tasks and obstacles.

EQS Compliance COCKPIT offers you one digital platform for all your workflows and helps you do your daily work more efficiently.

How the applications of our compliance platform support you

The Compliance COCKPIT rethinks compliance work and automates processes that would otherwise mean tedious extra work and paper chaos. This way, you increase the efficiency of your compliance work while complying with important regulations.

  • You are looking for an easy way to comply with the transposition of the EU Whistleblower Directive?
  • You don’t want to overlook any internal grievances and thus put your company’s reputation at risk?
  • You are responsible for protecting your company and employees from fines or imprisonment?


With our digital whistleblowing system Integrity Line we offer you an application to identify grievances at an early stage and thus minimize financial risks, liability and reputational damage for your company – all secure and with a reporting process that is completely anonymous.

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  • You want to get rid of policy chaos and find a way to simplify your policy mangement?
  • You have high workload to keep policies up to date?
  • You want to communicate your policies better?


The application Policies helps you manage all important policies digitally in one central location, making your policy management more efficient while ensuring that your employees are always up to date.

Explore the features of Policies as a freemium version and see for yourself how easy it is to create and distribute policies.

  • You are looking for a digital workflow to simplify approval requests?
  • You spend way too much time and resources to define monetary value limits and individual approval processes?


Approvals supports you with managing approval workflows digitally. Employees can check or declare gifts or invitations, the compliance department reviews the requests and send the decision digitally.

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  • You want to comply with upcoming Supply Chain Due Diligence Laws?
  • You want to effectively manage compliance risks while documenting all your efforts in an audit-proof manner?
  • You need guidance on effective measures to mitigate prevalent human rights and environmental risks?


Third Parties helps you organize and document your due diligence efforts with smart workflows. This helps you comply with external expectations and laws while reducing risk exposure.

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Everything important in one place

Compliance COCKPIT 

Keeping an overview of your Compliance program and preparing for upcoming regulations is not easy. Leverage the global dashboard in Compliance COCKPIT to stay up to date on important initiatives, updates and KPIs in real-time.

  • Use meaningful real-time charts to understand trends and generate insights about your organization.
  • Dive right into open tasks and continue where you left off.
  • Stay informed about important updates and upcoming webinars in the Compliance & Ethics space.

Integrity Hub

Any Compliance program is only as effective as its success in reaching the employees of the organization. Integrity Hub provides your staff with a central place to find all relevant Compliance information and internal workflows.

  • Get rid of cumbersome and poorly documented email, Sharepoint and intranet processes.
  • Designed with the employee in mind to maximize usability and mobile friendliness.
  • Automate the rollout to new employees via synchronization of employee data from existing HR systems.

Reasons to choose an integrated compliance platform

Find out why compliance applications are most effective when bundled into a single package.

Automate processes​
Save resources by automating time-consuming processes such as gift approvals, business partner checks and more.

Inspire employees
Inspire employees with an easy-to-use portal where all compliance workflows are concentrated in one place.

Real-time monitoring​
Keep track of all key compliance metrics with real-time statistics and dashboards and identify risks early.

Full documentation
Every release, every incident, every risk is documented in detail and available at any time for internal and external audits.

Compliance with legislation
Combine the different solutions and be best positioned to comply with existing & upcoming legislations.

Better Scalability
With a number of different digital tools under one roof, you can navigate new areas of compliance without a drastic increase in manpower.

Customers who trust our compliance solutions:
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Customers who trust our compliance solutions:
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Reference Continental | EQS Group
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Reference Independent Bank | EQS Group
Reference Puma | EQS Group
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By implementing our Compliance COCKPIT applications, you don’t have to worry about important regulations:

  • You meet all requirements and obligations of the national implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive by using our whistleblowing software Integrity Line


  • You fulfill your corporate due diligence obligations along the supply chain with regard to human rights and the environment which is required by law from 2023.

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