With our Regulatory News Service, you can manage several types of disclosure obligations:

  • EU Regulatory News
  • UK Regulatory News
  • Swiss Regulatory News

Features that make regulatory news distribution easy

  • Broad coverage that goes beyond the requested by-law
  • Real-time distribution to all recipients simultaneously
  • Simple workflow with plausibility checks
  • Email documentation of the obligation process
  • Simple integration of your own mailing lists
  • Interface synced to your own website to allow automatic publishing
  • Newsroom support
  • Highest levels of security

Broad distribution through our newswire

Our EQS Newswire combines the most important financial terminals, databases, websites, institutions, and media. With many direct interfaces, your news is guaranteed to reach all necessary distribution points as mandated by regulations.

Our distribution reach includes, but is not limited to:

Reference Bloomberg | EQS Group
Reference Thomson Reuters | EQS Group
Reference Dow Jones | EQS Group
Reference dpa AFX | EQS Group
Reference AFP | EQS Group
Reference Nasdaq | EQS Group
Reference Yahoo! Finance | EQS Group
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Highest security for your news – legally and technically

Our Regulatory News service was developed with the help of global legal counsels and in close contact with national authorities to ensure the fulfillment of all requirements. This gives you legal security in knowing you are fully in compliance.

With the EQS COCKPIT, you can work in a secure, encrypted environment. The modules and IT infrastructure of the EQS COCKPIT are certified and audited annually to ensure the highest levels of security. All data is stored on high-availability servers in the data center of the Bayerische Landesbank in Munich, Germany. Our use of RSA SecurID technology ensures that only approved parties can access our systems via best-in-class two-factor authentication.

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