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Compliance COCKPIT: All compliance solutions in one place

All compliance solutions and workflows under one platform, all compliance data in one place.

Compliance COCKPIT brings it all together: the most important compliance workflows in one integrated platform. Use our effective modules individually or in combination – as you require.

Overview Compliance Cockpit | EQS Group
  • Secure whistleblowing channel with anonymous dialogue function
  • Ready-to-use system with sophisticated features as standard
  • GDPR compliant and
    IT security in accordance with ISO 27001
  • Comprehensive case management with intelligent workflows
  • Granular authorization concept with need-to-know principle
  • Real-time statistics and dashboards for your compliance reporting
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EQS Integrity Line

Receive valuable information. EQS Integrity Line, the leading whistleblower system. Completely anonymous, with efficient case handling.

Example Integrity Line conversation | EQS Group

Anonymous dialogue function with the whistleblower

EQS Policy Manager

Clean up the policy chaos. Manage and distribute internal policies efficiently and cost-effectively.

Screen Policy Manager | EQS Group

Clear presentation of your internal policies

  • Comprehensive overview thanks to a central, digital policy library
  • Employees automatically receive the guidelines relevant to them
  • Employees can easily confirm policies digitally by clicking or uploading
  • Employees can easily read and confirm policies on their smartphone
  • Safe storage of all policy versions and confirmations
  • Create meaningful reports
    on policies at the touch of a button
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  • Make it easier for employees to enter gifts, invitations and conflicts via smartphone
  • Save time and resources with automated approval workflows
  • Define country-specific value limits for gifts & invitations
  • Answer questions from employees directly in the system
  • Keep a central register featuring all approvals and decisions
  • Create meaningful reports regarding gifts, invitations and conflicts of interest at the touch of a button
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EQS Approval Manager

Control gifts and invitations. Manage gifts, invitations and conflicts of interest in one place.

Screen Approval Manager | EQS Group

Overview of all submitted requests including status display

Logo Risk Manager | EQS Group

EQS Risk Manager

Don’t lose sight of risks. Identify and manage your compliance risks with clear responsibilities and intelligent workflows.

Screen Risk Manager | EQS Group

Set up intelligent workflows and display clear responsibilities

  • Easily filter, sort, search and export relevant compliance risks
  • Define central risk scales for a uniform risk assessment
  • Set automatic reminders to keep your risk analysis up-to-date
  • Aggregate compliance risks from different parts of the company into a central risk overview
  • Define risk reduction measures and monitor their implementation
  • Create meaningful reports
    regarding the compliance risk landscape at the touch of a button
  • Operative units can directly enter new business partners
  • Intelligent questionnaires support automated risk assessment
  • Undertake different screening measures depending on the risk
  • Automatic comparison of business partners with sanctions lists and other external data sources
  • Risk assessments, measures and screening results are stored centrally in one place
  • Create meaningful reports regarding business partner screening at the touch of a button
Logo Third Party Manager | EQS Group

EQS Third Party Manager

Take a closer look at business partners. Digitalize your business partner screening with automated processes.

Screen Third Party Manager | EQS Group

Overview of all open business partner screening cases

Logo Intelligence | EQS Group

EQS Intelligence

Create meaningful reports easily. Enhance your compliance reporting with informative charts and track your achieved compliance goals.

Screen Intelligence | EQS Group

Your individual dashboard for displaying informative statistics

  • Create individual real-time dashboards with informative statistics
  • Keep track of your central compliance KPIs at all times
  • Generate automated compliance reports for internal stakeholders
  • Define objectives for your compliance program and track success

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Why compliance officers trust EQS Group solutions

We love efficient workflows

Compliance officers fulfill one of the most important functions in the company. They ensure transparency and trust, avert risks and establish rules and values. A demanding task.

Our mission is to provide the best possible support to compliance officers. We work together with our customers to digitize their processes and make these more efficient.

As a group operating internationally, data security and protection are the highest priorities for us. EQS Group meets all our requirements in this respect and is a very reliable partner.

We tackle the issues

Measuring compliance remains one of the greatest challenges. It is worth taking this challenge on: Data helps to improve the compliance program, reveal gaps and answer pressing questions.

We help our customers maintain an overview of their compliance program at all times. With real-time dashboards, intelligent statistics and automated reports.

EQS Integrity Line provides a complete audit trail of all reports received from employees and third parties. Everything is archived in compliance with GDPR – This is crucial for maintaining our high ISO 37001:2016 certification.
Daria Angelini
Daria Angelini

Head of Compliance, Salini Impregilo

We are your long-term compliance partner

Setting up, establishing and continuously improving compliance rules and systems is a long-term process. New problems often arise – and the use of modern technology to solve them makes increasing sense.

We are always at our customers’ side. With more than 20 years of company history, a stable ownership structure and our CEO founder, we are a reliable and long-term partner for our customers.
As the only listed compliance service provider in Europe, our focus is on full transparency.

We offer attractive Partnership Models for Law-Firms, Auditors and Consultancies, but also Ombudsman, Private Equity Firms, Compliance Consultants, Industry associations and other Organisations.
Matthias Erler
Matthias Erler

Director Global Partnerships

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