»Vive la France!«

EQS Group is further expanding its presence in the world's most important financial markets and opens a subsidiary in Paris. 

»Best Digital IR«

We ease the workload of IR Managers. With a passion for digitization and capital markets. Worldwide.

eNews & Disclosures

Our financial newswire is the best way to distribute company news and fulfill disclosure obligations.

7IR Websites & Tools

Our IR Websites and IR Tools automated processes streamline workflows and present information clearly.

pDigital Reports

Using all the possibilities of the internet, we have raised interactive reporting for annual and sustainability reports to new levels.

wCorporate Websites

Our website team are digital pioneers, creating ambitious website projects above and beyond IR. We offer the full solution spectrum from a single source.

iApps & Mobile

Our mobile-optimised solutions offer companies the ability to communicate in an increasingly mobile world.

aAudio & Video Webcasts

Our webcasts are the ideal instrument to directly, clearly and reliably communicate with investors, regardless of location.

»Used Worldwide - This Is Digital Investor Relations in...«

»Investor Relations - From Experts for Experts«


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