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Webinar | Digital interaction with capital markets – Are we currently experiencing a paradigm shift?

All of you who regularly communicate with external stakeholders such as potential or current investors will have noticed the following development: In recent years, a paradigm shift towards digital communication has become apparent and this is undoubtedly being accelerated by the current situation.

In the first part of the webinar, Lucas Bruggeman, CEO of BX Swiss, will give insights into the Swiss stock exchange landscape. What are the challenges to be overcome? How does digitization influence the collaboration between IROs and capital markets?

In the second part, Michèle Schnyder, Head of Investor Relations at Vontobel and Board member of the IR club Schweiz, presents the brand new results of our recent survey “Paradigm shift in IR”. Learn at first hand, which digital IR tools, channels and platforms Swiss listed companies use and which trends are emerging.

Following the two keynotes, all participants are invited to share their experiences in the Q&A session.


Our agenda:

  • Welcome | Barbara Zäch, CCR
  • With 135 years of tradition into the digital future | Lucas Bruggeman, BX Swiss
  • About the survey «Paradigm shift in IR» | Cédric Baumgartner, EQS Group
  • Presentation of survey results | Michèle Schnyder, IR club Schweiz
  • Panel discussion and Q&A | moderated by Michèle Schnyder

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Barbara Zäch
Barbara Zäch

Co-CEO, CCR | Barbara Zäch, co-managing director of the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR), will share strategic and operational management with Reto Schneider, founder of CCR. Barbara has worked for over 20 years at publicly listed companies, most recently as Head of Investor Relations at Schindler Group. Barbara brings with her a wealth of experience in the fields of investor relations, corporate reporting and sustainability.

Lucas Bruggeman
Lucas Bruggeman

CEO, BX Swiss | Lucas Bruggeman is a native Dutchman, living in Switzerland 16 years. He worked for 17 years at ABN Amro Bank in the areas of trading, syndication and derivatives. Afterwards, he was a member of the Board of Management of Liechtensteinische Landesbank Switzerland from 2011 to 2013, where he was responsible for the supervision of external asset managers. Before joining BX Swiss AG, he spent seven years at Fintech Sentifi as a partner and investor in the Alternative Data division. During this period, Sentifi was named Swisscom Startup of the Year and Swiss Fintech of the Year.

Lucas joined BX Swiss as CEO in February 2020. BX Swiss has set itself the goal of becoming “the stock exchange of choice for private investors and independent asset managers in Switzerland”.

Michèle Schnyder
Michèle Schnyder

Head of Investor Relations, Vontobel and Board Member, IR club Schweiz | Before joining Vontobel, Michèle worked 5 years in Investor Relations at Adecco Group. Previously, she spent over a decade in the financial industry at Deutsche Bank in London, Swiss Re and ZKB in Zurich.

Michèle holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and an MBA degree from the University of Rochester, Simon School, USA.


Cédric Baumgartner
Cédric Baumgartner

Managing Director Switzerland, EQS Group | Cédric Baumgartner is Managing Director at EQS Group and has the overall responsibility for the product areas Compliance and Investor Relations in Switzerland. Before that he managed digital projects in corporate communications and investor relations at Geberit Group for several year. He got a master’s degree in Digital Business.

Our webinar partners

About the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR)
About the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR)

The Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR) is a member-based center of excellence for corporate reporting. Our aim is to enhance the efficiency, quality and impact of reporting – through personalized advisory services, analyses and peer-to-peer learning. By engaging in dialogue with our network of experts we are able to anticipate trends, conduct practice-oriented workshops for our corporate members and develop recommendations for action.

CCR’s activities include the Geschäftsberichte-Symposium, topic-specific events, the trade publication «The Reporting Times» and exclusive services for corporate members.

About the IR club Schweiz
About the IR club Schweiz

The IR club Schweiz was founded 1992 in Zurich under the name of the Swiss Society of Investor Relations to promote the interests of the IR profession among Switzerland’s publicly-quoted companies. All IR employees of the member companies are eligible to participate in the club’s activities. The IR club Schweiz currently has 69 member companies, accounting for some 150 IR professionals. About 80 percent of companies listed in the Swiss Market Index (SMI) are members of the IR club Schweiz.

Über die EQS Group

Die EQS Group ist ein internationaler Anbieter von regulatorischen Technologien (RegTech) in den Bereichen Corporate Compliance und Investor Relations. Mehrere tausend Unternehmen weltweit schaffen mit der EQS Group Vertrauen, indem sie komplexe Compliance-Anforderungen erfüllen, Risiken minimieren und transparent mit Stakeholdern kommunizieren.

Die Produkte der EQS Group sind in der cloud-basierten Software „EQS COCKPIT“ gebündelt. Damit lassen sich Compliance-Workflows in den Bereichen Hinweisgeberschutz und Case Management, Richtlinien-Management, Insiderlistenverwaltung und Meldepflichten professionell steuern. Börsennotierte Unternehmen nutzen zudem ein globales Newswire, Investor Targeting und Kontaktmanagement, IR Webseiten, digitale Berichte und Webcasts für eine effiziente und sichere Investorenkommunikation.

Die EQS Group wurde im Jahr 2000 in München gegründet. Heute ist der Konzern mit mehr als 500 Mitarbeitenden in den wichtigsten Finanzmetropolen der Welt vertreten.