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Effective compliance is about weaving integrity into the very fabric of operations. By embedding compliance seamlessly across all levels of an organizations, companies can mitigate risks, align corporate policies with laws and regulations and embed a culture of trust, transparency and responsibility.

Focus on delivering meaningful results by making your compliance program work for you.

Meet the platform that connects the dots

The Compliance COCKPIT rethinks compliance work and automates processes that would otherwise mean tedious extra work and paper chaos. This way, you increase the efficiency of your compliance work while complying with important regulations.

Integrity Line

Enable confidential reporting of concerns and facilitate effective communication.
Tailor our solution to your organization’s unique needs and compliance requirements.

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Third Parties

Meet your due diligence obligations easily, track your third parties’ performance, and keep your supply chain resilient through automated workflows and effective risk analyses.

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Create, distribute and track policies in one centralized location, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring your organization is informed and aligned with your compliance requirements.

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Digitize your workflows to simplify approval requests, manage gifts, invitations and conflicts of interest easily, and reduce bottlenecks through automatic routing of requests to relevant stakeholders.

Integrity Hub

Make compliance effortless for your employees with a centralized, single sign-on hub where they can keep on top of compliance tasks, find relevant resources and raise queries.

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Why choose the COCKPIT?


Integrated platform

Siloed systems and data fragmentation can impede effectiveness. The COCKPIT allows you to consolidate all your compliance activities in one centralized platform for improved efficiency, visibility and better decision-making.


Automated processes:

Redundant tasks and disconnected processes can lead to inadvertent errors and inefficiencies. Not to mention, they are a gigantic drain on time and resources. With the COCKPIT, you can automate workflows, permissions and reporting to align with your processes seamlessly.


Unrivalled data security

Your sensitive information is safeguarded with state-of-the-art security measures and the highest standards of data protection in Europe. Continuously certified by independent auditors.


AI capabilities

Did we mention that we’re all about simplifying compliance? The COCKPIT leverages the power of AI to streamline processes, identify patterns, and optimize compliance workflows even further.


Streamlined reporting

Regulations are, on a good day, tricky to navigate. And it’s only getting more complex. Our platform enables you to fulfill regulatory obligations and industry standards while taking away the guessing game. It also helps you showcase compliance to regulators, auditors and stakeholders with ease.


Cross-platform functionality

Not only are the modules in the COCKPIT closely interlinked, it also offers versatility across various compliance use cases. Whether it’s Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure management, conducting risk assessments or overseeing policy management, our platform provides a unified digital solution.

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