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Our whistleblowing software suits small and medium-sized companies….

Secure whistleblowing channel with anonymous dialogue function

Ready-to-use system with sophisticated features as standard

GDPR compliant and IT security in accordance with ISO 27001

Inexpensive machine translation of reports

…and delivers peak performance in large corporations.

Granular authorization concept with need-to-know principle

Real-time statistics and dashboards for your compliance reporting

ISO-certified translation agency for report translations

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EQS Integrity Line explained in full – our digital whistleblowing software solution

Successful in more than 165 countries

Integrity Line world map | EQS Group
  • Used in more than 165 countries
  • Usable in any language (templates available in 43 languages)
  • More than 50 million whistleblowers
  • Used by more than 900 companies
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As a group operating internationally, data security and protection are the highest priorities for us. EQS Group meets all our requirements in this respect and is a very reliable partner.
Gilles Delarue
Gilles Delarue

Group Compliance Officer,
Rhenus SE & Co KG

Case study

Learn more about how Rhenus succeeded in implementing a digital whistleblowing system.

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Flexible models for varying requirements


Ready to use solution for small and medium-sized companies looking for quick and efficient compliance with the EU Directive and GDPR.




Core functions:

  • Secure digital reporting channel with anonymous dialogue function
  • Integrated case management for easy case handling
  • EU Directive compliant
  • EU GDPR compliant
  • Encryption of data, data cannot be accessed by third parties or the provider
  • ISO 27001 high security hosting/data storage in Europe





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Best Practice

The flexible solution with a variety of customization options and comprehensive case management complete with authorization concept and real-time reporting.

In addition to „Essential“:

  • Customization of the reporting channel (layout & content)
  • Country-specific case routing & disclaimer
  • Extended case management functions incl. authorization concept, internal communication & chat, integrated translation function, advanced notification management etc.
  • Individualized dashboard, interactive charts & analysis functions
  • Integration of additional intake channels (phone and email)


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The individual solution for the highest degree of customization and integration. Case management tailored to your specific needs, including comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

In addition „Best Practice“:

  • Customized selection of all functions & process modules incl. customizable data fields for the investigation documentation
  • Structured forensic data collection
  • Deep dive function for real-time data analysis & benchmarking module
  • Advanced access restrictions and granularly granularly configurable security
  • Interface connectivity via SSO or API and multi-system-options


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Illustration Integrity Line pricing | EQS Group

Still have questions?

Our whistleblower system (EQS Integrity Line) guarantees the whistleblower’s anonymity and ensures that their identity cannot be traced by technical means. EQS Integrity Line is hosted on external ISO 27001-certified high security servers. No IP addresses, location data, device specifications or other data that could allow conclusions to be drawn as to the identity of the whistleblower are stored on these servers.

The whistleblower can decide for themselves whether they want to remain anonymous or provide any personal information. In any case, the content of the report is transmitted in a highly encrypted form using a public-private key procedure (PGP) with 2048 RSA bit. In addition, all server communications take place via a secure HTTPS connection.

Both EQS as a company and their software development for the EQS Integrity Line is certified to Information Security Standard ISO 27001. The product development and its continuous development follows the “Security by Design” principle.

In addition, the system ensures full compliance with EU GDPR and worldwide data protection regulations, both for the whistleblower in the reporting process and for the case handler in the integrated case management.

EQS Integrity Line meets the highest security and encryption requirements (data transmission and access) and thus guarantees absolute confidentiality for submitted reports.

  • ISO 27001-certified high-security computer center
  • Systems security confirmed by annual external penetration test
  • SSL-certified connection
  • Cryptographically complex storage procedure
  • Case specific encryption
  • Key in the customer’s hand (neither EQS nor other third parties have access to content)
  • Access to content via detailed authorization system
  • Various IT security modules e.g. for user administration and data protection
  • Complete protection of the whistleblower’s anonymity
  • Regular security audits and penetration tests

EQS Integrity Line can be provided in any language worldwide. Text templates are already available in the Best Practice Standard in over 43 languages.

EQS Integrity Line offers various packages and configurations to meet different customer requirements. Out of the box solutions can be available within a few days with minimal effort on the customer’s side. Customized solutions with extended case management functions are usually available for operational use within 4 to 8 weeks. During implementation, our experienced project managers are at the customer’s side for optimal implementation and best practice consulting.

EQS offers the client various best practice templates for quick and easy whistleblower system implementation. These templates can be adopted 1:1 or adapted according to the customer’s requirements. Templates are already available in over 30 languages and can also be transferred into any language. In addition to templates, our experienced project managers are also available at any time to provide advice and support to the customer throughout the entire implementation phase of the whistleblowing system.

EQS supports compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations worldwide through various measures at the organizational, technical and functional level:

At the organizational level, through measures taken for information security and data protection in the form of a proper and certified ISMS according to ISO27001 standards. This is subject to regular internal and independent audits.

On the technical level, EQS Integrity Line was developed according to the highest standards for data protection and security. This means

  • no logging of personal data of visitors and whistleblowers
  • encryption of data in transit and stored data
  • no metadata analysis or research with our customer data
  • opportunities for data protection notifications (disclaimers) and other information during the reporting process
  • activating various security functions in relation to access and processing of data

At the functional level, EQS Integrity Line supports the case handler in the frequent tasks and activities related to internal data protection processes. This includes:

  • dynamic reminders and notifications when certain data protection criteria occur, including indication of necessary actions
  • Support of anonymization of case details (e.g. personal data) and optionally also file attachments
  • Automation of internal approval procedures and dual control principle for sensitive case handling actions
  • Granular authorization management and role concept for fine-tuning access to sensitive case contents

Whistleblowing systems are a central component of an effective compliance management system in companies according to international standards. Approximately two thirds of company irregularities detected are uncovered by whistleblowers. A functioning whistleblower system is therefore more important as a control element than management and external and internal audit combined.

In recent years, many countries have spoken out unequivocally in favor of the legal protection of whistleblowers and thus the establishment of safe and protected whistleblower systems, for example France with its Sapin 2 law and the EU with its directive on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law. The EU directive came into force on 16 December 2019 and must be implemented by EU member states by the end of 2021. By this date at the latest, companies must make internal whistleblower systems available.

Whistleblower systems thus not only protect whistleblowers (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.), but also protect the company from reputational damage and financial risks.

Whistleblowing systems are now mandatory in the European Union

In future, all companies with more than 50 employees in Germany and in all other EU member states must have an internal whistleblower system implemented.

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Christian Hasewinkel

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