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Join us to explore the expanded scope of the CSDDD regulation. This affects private companies with over 1,000 employees globally, not just in Germany. Even companies without EU headquarters are included if their EU revenue meets the threshold.

Learn about the need for deeper supply chain visibility. Unlike LkSG, CSDDD requires due diligence for Tier 2 suppliers if they benefit your company. The focus is on risk-based assessments, prioritizing reviews based on identified risks.

Understand the new due diligence requirements for climate change. CSDDD adds rules to fight climate change, including strategies to support the 1.5°C target.

The human rights scope is broader, covering violations like torture, inadequate wages, and environmental risks. CSDDD enforces stricter rules with civil liabilities, leading to potential legal challenges and financial penalties for non-compliance.

The implementation timeline starts between 2027 and 2029 for large corporations. Companies need to adjust their compliance processes to meet these new regulations. Our dynamic solutions can help integrate these updates into your risk management processes seamlessly.

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Kathrin Fornahl
Kathrin Fornahl

In-House Lawyer | eagle LSP

Kathrin works in eagle’s Managed Solution team as a laywer focussed on effectively running reporting offices for our customers and implementing sound solutions to comply with the German LkSG. She is leading development of the eagle LkSG Risk-Score that helps customers achieve compliance easily without unnecessarily bothering their suppliers with information requests.


Dr. Lasse Milinski
Dr. Lasse Milinski

Head of Corporate Development | eagle LSP

Responsible for eagle LSPs Managed Solution division, helping customers to comply with EU regulations through full-service via eagle-team. He brings in a pragmatic top management perspective to implement lean compliance solutions that do not slow down the business core operations. He helped large global corporations in compliance crises and transformed organisations to become more lean an digital