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Are you looking for the next step to take your compliance program to the next level? In this webinar we will explore the benefits of digitizing your company’s compliance program and how the EQS Compliance COCKPIT can revolutionize the way you manage compliance in your company.

Discover how this powerful platform can optimize your compliance processes, increase efficiency, and reduce risks thanks to automation and artificial intelligence.



  • Practical tips to maximize the value of your compliance program
  • Benefits of digitizing your compliance program to be more effective
  • Artificial intelligence & automation: We present our first innovative AI feature, the Policy Buddy, and show you what other AI features are planned
  • Live Q&A session with our compliance experts Sascha Meier and Louis Dahm


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Sascha Meier
Sascha Meier

Country Manager Switzerland | EQS Group

Sascha Meier is responsible for the compliance solutions at the Swiss location of the technology provider EQS Group. He has many years of experience in the digitalization of compliance processes and, in his role, supports organizations on a daily basis in the introduction and optimization of compliance management systems. He also holds a CAS degree in Compliance Management. In his previous positions, he worked for EQS Group in Munich and Dubai.

Louis Dahm
Louis Dahm

Compliance Expert | EQS Group

Louis Dahm is an experienced compliance expert who supports companies and organizations in the introduction of digital compliance management systems. His focus is particularly on the Swiss market. After studying economics, he gained valuable experience in wealth management at Credit Suisse and the implementation of SaaS solutions at Next.