Experience Day 2024

Date: 23rd May 2024
Time: 4:30 – 8:00 pm
Location: London – Prosecco House

What to expect?

  • Half-day of interesting lectures on current compliance topics by compliance experts
  • Exclusive exchange of experiences within the EQS community

Join our very first Experience Day!

Join our very first
Experience Day in London in May 2024!

The EQS Experience Day is an exclusive event designed for our valued customer to connect and engage in discussions about the latest trends in compliance, technology innovation, as well as upcoming regulatory changes. ​

Tomorrow’s Compliance Today: Integrating AI into Your Compliance Program

This event will delve into the evolving landscape of regulation and compliance, highlighting the pivotal role artificial intelligence will play in meeting increasingly complex requirements.

We’ll explore the application of AI to issues such as whistleblowing reporting and investigations, managing third-party risks, and enhancing policy access and comprehension. Additionally, we’ll examine emerging trends and opportunities, as well as how technology can streamline tasks, save time, and generate value for compliance professionals.

8:30 – 9:00

Registrations & Welcome Breakfast

10:15 Welcome notes


Javier Cuairán

Abogado Senior – ONTIER


11:00 Cockpit Journey

Sesión práctica en grupos pequeños en la que debatiremos mejores prácticas en la gestión del programa de compliance para ofrecer nuevos puntos de vista que puedan ser de utilidad para todos.

11:40 Coffee Break
12:00 Uhr Compliance en la actualidad: Temas Críticos y Mejores Prácticas

Jose Enrique Díaz 

Consejero Ejecutivo – Control Solutions 360


Carlos Jiménez 

Corporate Compliance Officer – Grupo CIRSA




Guillermo Luque

Account Executive – EQS Group




12:45 De la Preparación a la Prevención: Mejores Prácticas en la Gestión de Riesgos de Terceros


Nataly Castiblanco 
Account Executive – EQS Group 

Olga Fraga
Senior Associate – Regulatory & Compliance en Deloitte Legal

Ingrid Matos 
Compliance Officer & DPO – QGMI



13:30 Networking lunch


The program will be announced soon

What is Experience Day?

The Experience Day (XPD) is a premier event hosted by the EQS Group created specifically for the engagement of EQS clients. This event fosters a dynamic environment for client companies to connect and engage in discussions about the latest trends in compliance, technology innovation, as well as upcoming regulatory changes. It also serves as a platform for sharing insights and best practices, empowering participants to collaboratively navigate the complexities of these evolving challenges. The XPDs are held in some of Europe’s most significant cities, with the 2024 schedule including Munich, Zurich, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London and Copenhagen.