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One year on from the AI boom, it has changed the way we work in ways we couldn’t have imagined! We think it’s a perfect time to take stock: Where do we – in the world of Compliance – actually stand on AI in practice? How has it changed and how else will it develop will it revolutionize our programs in the future? 

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “ AI in (Compliance) Practice: Cutting through the noise – what is changing forhow is AI revolutionizing Compliance?” where  Christian Hunt  (Founder of Human Risk Limited), and Marco Goldberg  (Managing Director USA at EQS) will lead a discussion on the changes, challenges, and opportunities post-AI revolution.


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Marco Goldberg
Marco Goldberg

Managing Director US | EQS Group

Marco Goldberg leads the North America business of EQS Group as the Managing Director. As an experienced Compliance professional, Marco has helped companies ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to SMEs implement effective global compliance programs. His expertise ranges from implementing successful global Speak Up programs to policy management, conflict of interest, approval management, as well as risk management. Marco has lead the expansion of EQS Group in North America since 2016 and is located in New York City. With a background in Capital Market Compliance, he holds a Master degree in International Management from the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Steinbeis, Berlin.

Christian Hunt
Christian Hunt

Founder | Human Risk Limited

Christian, leveraging his extensive background in Financial Services, emphasizes the crucial role of addressing ‘human risk’ within organizations by integrating behavioral science into risk management strategies. With experience as COO of a UK financial regulator and Global Head of Compliance & Operational Risk at UBS Asset Management, he advocates for understanding human decision-making dynamics to effectively manage risks arising from human factors. Beyond his professional pursuits, Christian’s diverse interests include motorcycle adventures and exploring unconventional destinations like Chernobyl. Actively engaged in fostering dialogue within the Compliance & Ethics community, he hosts the Human Risk podcast and shares insights through various mediums, striving to promote innovative approaches to mitigating human risk across sectors.