EDGAR filings

When distributing press releases, quickly, easily, and securely complete your EDGAR filings using one platform – the EQS COCKPIT. EQS helps you meet your SEC and exchange requirements, whether relating to Regulation FD, Sarbanes-Oxley, or new XBRL formatting:

  • Full-service EDGAR filing agent
  • Quick turn around
  • Bundle your 6-K and 8-K filings
  • XBRL conversion and easy upload function
  • Annual and Quarterly filings (10-Q, 10-K, 10-QT, 10-KT)
  • Current Reports (8Ks)
  • Foreign Filers (10-F, 40-F, 6-Ks)
  • Proxy Statements (PRE 14a, PRE 14c, DEF 14a, DEF 14c, etc.)
  • Prospectus (424B3, 424B4, 424B5)
  • Ownership Docs (SC 13D, SC 13G, 3, 4, 5)
  • Registration Statement (S-1, S-3, S-4, S-8, F-1, F-4)
  • Tender Offers (SC TO-I, SC TO-T)
  • Registration statements (N-1, 485APOS, 485BPOS)
  • Annual and Quarterly Reports (N-Q, N-PX, NSAR)
  • Definitive Materials (497)
  • TA-1
  • TA-2
  • TA-W
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SEDAR Filings

File your documents with the Canadian System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) at the same time that you distribute your news – EQS can help you do it with one click.

  • Document conversion to appropriate SEDAR format
  • Professional proofreading and confirmation of document before filing
  • Filing confirmation once document successfully accepted

XBRL Services

With over 10 years of XBRL experience, EQS can help you streamline your filing process and eliminate the complexity of XBRL by using one provider for XBRL conversion, EDGAR filing, and your newswire services.

  • Full service XBRL conversion including: tagging, validation, and storing of your financials so they are ready every time you need to file
  • EDGAR and XBRL processes run in tandem for the highest level of accuracy and consistency
  • Plugins available to publish your XBRL on your website via zip and/or a previewer
  • All calculations in statements validated
  • Secure online interface where XBRL rendering is synchronized so that you can share, collaborate, and review your XBRL filings
  • Platform lets you review and approve materials in less than 30 minutes
  • Each filing tested with SEC

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Marco Goldberg
Marco Goldberg

Managing Director, North America
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