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EQS Group is an expert in Digital Compliance Solutions and one of the leading Software-as-a-Service providers for Compliance Management Solutions. Partners are an important part for our success. Already today plenty of partners in various european countries benefit from our digital compliance solutions and attractive partnership models. We would like to grow together with you, develop new markets and generate business. Let us explore together which Partnership Model fits your needs best. We are here to support you. The combination of your expertise, paired with our digital know-how in developing and implementing digital compliance solutions is to create a win-win situation for you and your clients.

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Advantagesof a partnership with EQS Group

  • State-of-the-art digital system for Whistleblowing, Policy Management and Insider Management
  • Partner focus on its expertise while we bring state-of-the-art technology to the partnership
  • The combined offering is more attractive than the stand alone services
  • Implementation of a whistleblowing system should lead to more cases and thus to more business for the partner
  • EQS delivers a lot of thought leadership content that can be used and is highly valuable for partners client base and to attract new clients
  • Partnerships with EQS is a win-win situation that will generate more business

What you bring to a successful partnership:

  • You‘re an ambitious organisation
  • You‘re a loyal and long term partner
  • You‘re a Law Firm with Expertise in Compliance, White Collar Defense and Internal Investigations
  • You‘re an Advisory firm
  • You‘re a Consultancy with focus on Compliance
  • Ombudsman with existing clients
  • You‘re a Private Equity Firm
  • You‘re an association who would like to position in Corporate Compliance
  • You‘re a corporate organisation with existing clients who have a need for our solutions
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We offer the partnership that fits you best!

Managed Service Model

for compliance experts

Offer your high-quality services in a package with the leading digital whistleblower solution and manage all your customers in one system.

Reseller Model

for software resellers

Complement your software offering with Europe’s most popular digital whistleblowing system.

Referral Model

for tech providers

You are a thought leader and valued advisor to your customers. Introduce them to the whistleblowing system EQS Integrity Line!

In the following you will get to know our two partnership models – Cooperation Partner and Referral Partner.

Advantages for cooperation partners

You’re an organization with industry knowledge and consulting expertise in Corporate Compliance. You help organizations improve the performance of their Ethics and Compliance programmes and have expertise in delivering implementation services.

  • Accesss to our state-of-the-art Digital Compliance Solutions, such as our Whistleblowing-Multiplatform with a sophisticated Case-Management
  • Various Reporting Functionalities for your clients and superiors
  • Marketing & Sales co-branded with your Logo and EQS as a technology partner
  • Accesss to our Partner Portal
  • Your own Demo System
  • Joint Events and Webinars
  • Sales & Marketing Material
  • Training and E-Learning
  • Insights into Product Developments and Releases

Advantages for referral partners

You’re a thought leader and a trusted adviser for your clients. You introduce EQS Digital Compliance solutions to your clients and prospects to help them improve processes and run their Ethics and Compliance programme efficiently and effectively.

  • Attractive Referal Fee
  • Contract, Support and Billing through EQS
  • Access to our Partner Portal
  • Access to our Demo System
  • Sales- and Marketing Material
  • Trainings and E-Learnings
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Become part of our constantly growing network:

As a Partner for EQS Digital Compliance Solutions you become part of a growing international network of well-respected Industry experts.

Apply now to become a Compliance partner

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