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Statements That Can Be Submitted

Fulfilling disclosure obligations with the German Company Register (Unternehmensregister) is another important step in a company’s reporting process. EQS Group is an expert in these requirements and has developed an easy, straightforward filing process.

We can submit the following kinds of statements:

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Who is Required to Submit Financial Statements?

According to EHUG (“Gesetz über elektronische Handelsregister und Genossenschaftsregister sowie das Unternehmensregister”), every corporation, as well as investment company, is required to publish its financial statements in the Company Register (Unternehmensregister).

XML Bundesadler | EQS Group


  • Statements need to be submitted at the latest 12 months after the reporting date.
  • Corporations that are traded on capital markets (e.g. listed companies) or have issued securities on capital markets must submit statements within a reduced period of 4 months after the reporting date.


XML – The Most Efficient Filing Format

We have developed a way to easily convert your statements into XML format. Using XML is much more cost efficient than using other formats. With our easy workflow you also save time:

  1. Upload your report to our platform (Word, Excel or PDF format)
  2. Set the day of publication (optional)
  3. We convert the document to XML
  4. We submit the statement to the Company Register (Unternehmensregister) on your behalf
XML Berichtsformat Workflow | EQS Group
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Beispiel XML Einreichung Bundesanzeiger Features | EQS Group

Features That Make Filing Easy

  • Upload documents in Word, Excel, or PDF format.
  • Automated email notifications update you on the process.
  • Converted statement previews available.
  • Service hotline available from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Highest security standards with our private cloud software
  • Translation services available for all statements.
More Than 5,000 Companies Use Our XML Filing Services
Reference Airbus | EQS Group
Reference Beiersdorf | EQS Group
Reference BMW | EQS Group
Reference E.ON | EQS Group

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Sven Schenkluhn
Sven Schenkluhn

Managing Director Compliance Services
+49 89 444 430-128


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