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Efficient Contact Management is Vital

Whether investors, analysts or journalists, contacts are one of the most important company assets. Efficiently managing these contacts is the basis for successful investor communication. In contrast to classic CRM tools, our CRM module focuses entirely on the needs of investor relations managers.

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Functions that make contact management easy

  • Manage your contacts, assign notes, input tasks, attach documents and track conversations. Comprehensive search functions enable you to search for contacts.
  • Create custom contact lists that you can use later to send mailings, disclosure requirements and company notifications.
  • Import your contact lists from Excel to ensure quick and seamless data transfer into CRM. Export is also possible at any time.
  • Prospective customers are automatically included in the CRM via contact forms on your website.
  • All CRM functions ensure GDPR-compliant contact management.
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CRM – Seamless Integration with the EQS IR COCKPIT

The CRM module forms part of the EQS IR COCKPIT to ensure maximum efficiency for your IR workflows:

  • When sending corporate messages in Newswire, you can also navigate to your contact lists.
  • With the Disclosure module, you can also supply your contacts with regulatory news.
  • With the Mailing module you can send individual and personalized newsletters and mailings to your distribution lists (e.g. analysts, investors, journalists and more).
  • In the Investors module you can identify investors and transfer these into CRM.

Mailing – Seamless integration with the CRM module

The Mailing module works seamlessly with EQS IR COCKPIT’s CRM module to simplify your communication workflows:

  • Manage your contacts in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Create contact lists which can be used when sending mailings. The CRM ensures automatic personalization.
  • The CRM provides registration forms that are embedded on your website so that visitors can subscribe to your mailings.

Functions for compelling mailings

  • Our Drag & Drop Editor makes setting up mailings simple and intuitive.
  • The editor offers personal salutation options in several languages, ensuring a personalized address for your recipients.
  • Templates assist you in the quick creation of emails and ensure that you maintain quality standards regarding design and structure.
  • Thanks to responsive formatting, sent emails are optimized for display on all end devices.
  • Informative analysis and statistics help you to measure the success of your mailings.
  • State-of-the-art DKIM technology (DomainKeys Identified Mails) authenticates your emails, offering optimal deliverability.
  • All emails are sent via European servers to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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