Efficient contact management is vital

Whether they be investors, analysts or journalists, your contacts are an important asset. Efficiently managing your contacts is essential to getting the most out of your investor communications – our Contact Manager tool can support you with this.

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Features that make contact management easy

  • Create custom contact lists that you can use any time when sending out announcements and mailings.
  • Quick and easy Excel import of your contact lists. Contact lists can also be exported at any time.
  • Bounces from email addresses are automatically tracked and documented in a separate list. If emails cannot be delivered more than 5 times, the contact is removed automatically from all lists.
  • Fully GDPR-compliant contact management.
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Seamless integration with the news distribution modules

The Contact Manager module is integrated into other parts of the EQS IR COCKPIT for maximum ease:

  • When releasing regulatory news announcements and press releases via the EQS Cockpit, you have the option to send the announcement to your contact lists simultaneously.
  • With the Mailing module, you can send individual and personalised newsletters and mailings to your distribution lists (e.g. analysts, investors, journalists and more).

Mailing – Seamless integration with Contact Manager

The Mailing module combines with the EQS Contact Manager to simplify your workflows:

  • Contact lists from the Contact Manager can be used when sending mailings. The mailings will be automatically personalised for each recipient.

Creating effective mailings

  • Templates allow you to quickly create emails using your corporate design.
  • Informative analysis and statistics help you to measure the success of your mailings.
  • All emails are sent via European servers to ensure that they are GDPR compliant.

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