Share price tools – Display your share price development interactively

EQS Share Price Tools include a range of interactive functions. They are created using your corporate design and are easy to integrate into your website.

We offer share price tools that are customised in accordance with your design and website requirements. There are a number of options for presenting your share price chart on your website:

EQS Share Price Chart

Icon IR Tools Stock Chart | EQS Group

The varied functionality of the EQS Share Price Chart provides the highest level of detail about your company, making it an excellent option to include on your IR website.

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Share Price Teaser

Icon IR Tools Stock Teaser | EQS Group

The Share Price Teaser provides a mini charting tool focusing on showing just the most important information with a simplified interface. This is usually used on IR website landing pages or the homepage, and often links to the more detailed EQS Share Price Chart.

Share Price Ticker

Icon IR Tools Stock Price Ticker | EQS Group

The Share Price Ticker is another way to easily highlight key share price information. This could be placed on your homepage.

EQS Share Price Chart features

EQS Share Price Chart offers many functionalities that enhance your website user experience.

  • Time period selector Users can select the time period over which they want to review your share price.
  • Benchmarks and peers Index or peer group data can be integrated into your chart to allow comparison of your share price’s performance against relevant indices and peers.
  • Download function
    Users can download share price data in Excel format.
  • Customised design
    The chart tool is formatted according to your existing website design to ensure seamless integration with your website.
  • Responsive design
    The chart tool display and content automatically adapt to fit the device’s screen size.
Screen IR Tools Stock Chart | EQS Group
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EQS Quick Analyser – Interactive comparison of key financial figures

The EQS Quick Analyser showcases your key financial figures. Users can analyse key figures, compare data across financial years, and easily export data to PDF, PPT and XLS.


With EQS Quick Analyser, stakeholders can compare key financial figures. Users benefit from the following features:

Screen IR Tools Quick Analyzer | EQS Group
  • Intuitive interface and user guide, to assist all users regardless of their financial knowledge and expertise.
  • Multi-year financial data comparison to enable trend analysis.
  • Choose from many filter options to create customised analysis.
  • Export your charts and diagrams to Excel, PDF, or PNG.
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Some of the companies that use our IR Tools:
Reference Beiersdorf | EQS Group
Reference DX | EQS Group
Reference Eve Sleep | EQS Group
Reference Great Portland Estates | EQS Group
Reference SAP | EQS Group

More IR Tools

Beispiel Nachrichteneinbindung | EQS Group

Regulatory News Feed

Any announcements that you release will be automatically pulled into the news feed and displayed on your IR website.

Beispiel Kontaktformulare | EQS Group

Email Alert Subscription Forms

Users can subscribe to automatically receive your announcements via email as soon as they are published.

Beispiel Finanzkalender | EQS Group

Financial calendar

Displays your upcoming events and key publication dates.

Exmaple event reminder | EQS Group

Event reminder

Users can register for an email reminder to inform them of upcoming events. Reminder emails will be sent automatically, requiring no additional action from your team.

Beispiel Aktionärsstruktur | EQS Group

Shareholder structure

Provide insight into your shareholder structure with an interactive overview of your main shareholder groups.

Beispiel Renditerechner | EQS Group

Performance calculator

Users can easily and interactively calculate the return on their investment.

Example fact sheet | EQS Group

Fact sheet

The Fact Sheet is an automatically-generated PDF that provides a summary of all relevant information for investors, such as your company profile, management information, current share price, shareholder structure, and more. This PDF is automatically updated daily with the share price.

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