MAR requires stringent processes and organisation around insider lists

A new version of the list must be saved after every change

Automatic version control

All data must be stored securely and be accessible at all times

ISO-certified high security servers

All lists must be in the correct format to avoid penalties

ESMA standard + UTC conversion

All insiders have to confirm they understand their obligations

Electronic confirmation

The regulator could request insider lists at any time

Extensive search + export function

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All features at a glance

Manage project-related and permanent insiders in one directory

The letter of obligations can be confirmed digitally

Insiders can submit the necessary personal data via a secure online form

Automatic reminders can be sent to insiders

All insider lists are versioned automatically and with the UTC timestamp

Manage PDMRs and their PCAs in accordance with Art. 19 MAR

Scheduled closed period notification

Insider Manager fulfils all relevant GDPR requirements

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EQS’s Insider Manager has meant less worrying about whether our insider lists are fully compliant. When I’ve needed support, the EQS team have been quick to respond and assist. Overall, an excellent investment.
Helen Tyrrell
Helen Tyrrell

Deputy Company Secretary

EQS Insider Manager explained in full

Highest security standards

EQS’s IT infrastructure is ISO27001 certified and audited annually.

All data is stored on high-security servers at the federal bank in Munich.

Two-factor authentication ensures only authorised personnel can access the system via the PrivacyIDEA app.

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More than 750 companies rely on EQS Insider Manager
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Moving away from Excel to EQS’ Insider Manager software to manage my insider lists has given me complete peace of mind that we are compliant with MAR at all times. Insider Manager is easy to use and the support I have received from the EQS team has been excellent throughout.
Tim George
Tim George

Company Secretary at Dignity plc


As soon as insiders or PDMRs are entered onto or imported into the system, they can be notfied with a simple click. The persons receive the notification by email with a personalised link that allows them to confirm digitally – also optimised for mobile.

The system offers a constant overview of which people have already confirmed their obligations. Insiders who fail to do this can receive automatic reminders.

Yes, it is possible to keep lists in a separate area which can also be converted to insider lists if required. The existing notification and confirmation processes can also be used for confidential lists.

Simply set your results publication dates in Insider Manager. The system then automatically suggests suitable times for sending the announcement at the beginning and end of the closed period. You can also adjust these times as well as the text of the noification.

At the relevant times, the system then automatically sends notifications to all relevant people. Easily define which people are to receive the notifications in advance using a “Closed Periods” tag. They are then notified at the beginning and end of these periods.

It is easy to customise notifications for insiders and PDMRs with Insider Manager using email templates and automatic reminders. It is also possible to change the responsible supervisory authority so that communications remain MAR-compliant in all jursdictions.

Personal data is kept up-to-date by the insider themselves, or the administrator. In addition, EQS Insider Manager provides a data protection notice, which has been carefully drafted by our data protection experts and contains insider rights and information on the data protection officer.

Insider Manager facilitates the handling of data that, for data protection reasons, should no longer be kept with corresponding notes and processes.

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