Flexible 24/7 reporting via phone, web, email and open door

Anonymous reporting and communication

Best practice features out-of-the-box

GDPR compliant and IT security in accordance with ISO 27001

Cost-saving automated translation for international companies

Feature-rich, yet user-friendly case management with intelligent workflows

Intuitive case management that doesn’t require a manual or training

Investigate collaboratively while protecting reporters with granular permissions

Real-time statistics and dashboards to drive performace

All case data on one secure platform

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EQS Integrity Line explained in full

Intuitive interface for all users

Operational in more than 165 countries

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  • Global coverage in more than 165 countries
  • Available in more than 50 languages
  • Accessible to 38 million reporters
  • Trusted by hundreds of companies
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As a global provider, data security and protection are the highest priorities for us. EQS Group meets all your requirements in this respect and with a strong track record.
Gilles Delarue
Gilles Delarue

Group Compliance Officer,Rhenus SE & Co KG

Trusted by hundreds of companies
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Flexible models for varying requirements


A fast, lean solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Most important features:

  • Secure reporting channels to build trust
  • Simple case access and handling
  • Secure hosting and data privacy compliance

Best Practice

Enhanced case management functionality to handle cases effeciently.

In addition to Basic

  • Extensive case management functionality
  • Translation and intepretation support for global companies
  • Real-time dashboards with configurable metrics

Best in Class

The solution for large companies: highly configurable and feature-rich with additional security.

In addition to Best Practice

  • Extended functionality for large teams with case-based chats and custom fields
  • Powerful workflow support via custom automated reminders and alerts
  • Advanced security features and interface connectivity (API, SSO)
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Still have questions?

Our whistleblowing system (EQS Integrity Line) guarantees the whistleblower’s anonymity and ensures that their identity cannot be traced by technical means. EQS Integrity Line is hosted on external ISO 27001-certified high security servers. No IP addresses, location data, device specifications or other data that could allow conclusions to be drawn as to the identity of the whistleblower are stored on these servers.

The whistleblower can decide for themselves whether they want to remain anonymous or provide any personal information. In all cases, the content of the report is transferred in a highly encrypted form using a public-private key procedure (PGP) with 2048 RSA bit. In addition, all server communications take place via a secure HTTPS connection.

EQS Integrity Line can be provided in any language worldwide. Text templates are already available in over 30 languages.

EQS Integrity Line offers various packages and configurations to meet different customer requirements. Out of the box solutions are available within a few days with minimal effort for the customer. Customised solutions with extended case management functionality are usually available for operational use within 4 to 8 weeks. During implementation, our experienced project managers are at the customer’s side for optimal implementation and best practice consulting.

EQS offers the client various best practice templates for quick and easy whistleblower system implementation. These templates can be adopted 1:1 or adapted according to the customer’s requirements. Templates are already available in over 30 languages and can also be translated into any language. In addition to templates, our experienced project managers are also available at any time to provide advice and support to the customer throughout the entire implementation phase of the whistleblowing system.

Whistleblowing systems are a central component of an effective compliance management system in companies according to international standards. Approximately two thirds of company irregularities detected are reported by whistleblowers. A functioning whistleblower system is therefore more important as a control element than management and external and internal audit combined.

In recent years, many countries have spoken out unequivocally in favor of the legal protection of whistleblowers and thus the establishment of safe and protected whistleblower systems, for example France with its Sapin 2 law and the EU with its Directive on the protection of persons reporting violations of EU law. The EU directive came into force on 16 December 2019 and must be implemented by EU member states by the end of 2021. By this date at the latest, companies must make internal whistleblower systems available.

Whistleblower systems thus not only protect whistleblowers (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.), but also protect the company from reputational damage and financial risks.

Whistleblowing systems are now mandatory in the European Union

In the future, all companies with more than 50 employees in all EU member states must have an internal whistleblower system implemented.

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