Familiar with these problems?

Beispiel Problem Auswahl der Richtlinien | EQS Group

Employees do not know which policies apply to them and where to find them

Example Problem Papier-Chaos | EQS Group

Hand-signed, disorganised policies create chaos

Beispiel Problem Aussagekräftige Reports | EQS Group

Management reports are time-consuming or impossible to pull together

The solution: Policies

Beispiel Lösung Zentrale Bibliothek | EQS Group

Organise all policies in a central library and define the appropriate target audience

Beispiel Lösung Digitale Administration der Richtlinien | EQS Group

Employees receive policies digitally, access them anytime and anywhere and attest in one click

Beispiel Lösung Prüfen des Erfolges des Richtlinienmanagement | EQS Group

Track policy engagement with real-time dashboards and reports

Policies explained in full

Benefits for your compliance programme

Centralised digital policy library

Employees automatically receive the policies relevant to them

Employees can easily attest policies digitally

Employees can easily read and attest policies on any device

Safely store all policy versions and attestations

Create reports at the touch of a button

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Try Policies as a freemium version

Policies Freemium is a free version that allows you to explore the features of our software, with all functions available in a reduced form. You can test Policies for an unlimited time as follows:

20 Integrity Hub accounts

You have 20 accounts available for employees to learn about the benefits of Policies.

2 Integrity Hub languages

You can use 2 languages in Integrity Hub. We recommend that you select your corporate language as well as English.

2 policies

You can publish 2 policies in the freemium version and use all the functions of the activated feature level.

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Intuitive interface for all users

Take a closer look at Policies

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Still have questions?

Our policy management system is suitable for all companies that…

  • …wish to significantly reduce the effort involved in distributing and collecting policy attestations
  • …wish to ensure that employees have constant access to the policies relevant to them
  • …wish to get their existing policies and version history in order
  • …need to prove robust policy management in accordance with certifications like IDW PS 980 or ISO 19600

Policies is suitable for both small companies and large corporations.

As a first step you simply need employee data, as a minimum names and email addresses. You can either upload these easily via an Excel import, or we can set up automatic synchronisation with an existing active directory or HR system.

Now you can send policies either to all employees or to specific target groups with one simple click . Target groups can be defined, for example, by department, company or job title of the employees. The target employees will then receive an email with a link to the policy and are asked to confirm it with one click.

Particularly convenient: when employees join the company or change department, the relevant policies are automatically sent to them – without you having to take any action.

Existing policies can either be uploaded as PDF files or created as HTML content. PDF files offer the advantage that an existing policy layout can be easily implemented – however this is not very practical for smartphone users.

The HTML version is better suited for this purpose. These can be created in the system using an HTML editor. Policies also offers the option to store summarised versions of the policies. This way your employees can easily read the most important points of a policy while on the move.

Policies can be made available to employees in any language worldwide. There are no restrictions regarding countries – you decide yourself which countries should be activated.

It is also possible to create policies in multiple languages. Employees will then automatically receive a specific policy in their preferred language if the policy is available in that language.

Our standard API allows you to connect to all common systems in which companies store employee data. These include Active Directory and Azure AD and HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and numerous other providers.

For the automatic synchronisation of your employee data, an IT project manager is at your disposal who will set up the connection together with your IT department and carry out in-depth testing. It goes without saying that the connection meets the highest security and encryption standards.

Yes, after a one-time setup, your employees are able to log in to Policies with their regular Windows password, for example. This makes it easier for your employees to use the system and significantly increases take-up.

The setup of SSO is simple and we can provide your IT department with all necessary information to perform the one-time setup.

The pricing model is primarily based on the number of users who need to receive and attest policies – in most cases, the number of employees. The number of languages and additional options such as Single Sign On (SSO) or the synchronization of employee data also play a role in the final price.

Please contact us for a demo and a non-binding offer.

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